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Joint Boards Award Contract For Drainage Ditch Work

By Staff | May 13, 2010

Reutzel Excavating of Burt will begin work immediately on a cleanout project for a joint drainage district, following action of the joint Palo Alto and Kossuth County Boards of Supervisors Tuesday afternoon. The cleanout will include the lowering of a road culvert and the replacement of a privately owned crossing of the drainage facilities of the Joint Palo Alto-Kossuth DD#1 Lateral B Open Ditch.

Palo Alto County Board Chair Jerry Hofstad was appointed to lead the hearing and turned to drainage engineer Don Etler of Kuel and Payer of Algona to conduct the opening of the bids for the work. A total of four contractors submitted bids for the project, which was divided into three divisions of work.

The first division calls for work in one mile of the ditch at the Kossuth/Palo Alto County lines, which will include grubbing and clearing of trees in the ditch, bank shaping once the trees are removed, and the placement of rip-rap for bank stabilization.

Division two calls for work upstream from the county line, with some cleanout and the lowering and replacement of a privately owned crossing pipe owned by Darrell Berkland. The third division of the work calls for the reconstruction of a 120” culvert under a roadway by lowering the culvert.

“As the plans and specifications were developed, the third division of work can be deleted by the joint board if they so desire,” Etler reminded the contractors and other members of the audience.

Etler then opened the bids from Reutzel Excavating of Burt, totaling $141,357; Rognes Brothers of Lake Mills, totaling $190,949.50; Valley Contracting of Estherville, which totaled $185,952 and L.A. Carlson Contracting of Merrill, whose bid totaled $229,415.50.

“All four of these bidders are quality contractors,” Etler said as the board members studied the bids. “It would appear that Reutzel Excavating is the low bidder, with Valley Contracting being the second-lowest.”

After a check of figures on the bids, a motion was made by Palo Alto County Supervisor Keith Wirtz and seconded by Supervisor Don McGregor of Kossuth County to accept the bid of Reutzel Excavating of Burt, in the amount of $141,357 for the work to be done on Jt DD PA-K #1 Lateral B Open Ditch. The motion received unanimous approval of both boards.

Prior to the bid opening, the Palo Alto County Board also introduced and approved a pair of resolutions during its weekly meeting in the morning. The board approved a resolution authorizing the transfer of $4,900 from the Sheriff’s Office budget area back to the General Fund, and then authorized the subsequent transfer of $1,900 from the General Fund to the Jail budget area and $3,000 to the Communications Center budget area.

“This is a re-allocation of money that was already budgeted to the sheriff,” County Auditor Gary Leonard explained. “The sheriff is transferring the funds from one of his three budget areas to the other two budgets.”

A second resolution was introduced and approved to allow County Treasurer Mary Hilfiker to increase the amount of county funds deposited in the Iowa Trust and Savings Bank from $15 million to $20 million. A difference in interest rates was cited as the reason for the move.

The board also approved an underground construction permit for Iowa Lakes Regional Water to install water service lines in Sections 20, 29 and 30 of Silver Lake Township, crossing under 340 and 350 Avenues and along 430 Street.

A group of landowners along Drainage District 80 appeared before the board to discuss a long-stick excavator request for limited cleanout of the drainage ditch in sections 24, 12 and 13 in Nevada Township. Mary Moser, along with her husband Jim, had requested work in March in Section 13. At the meeting, after a brief discussion, the request for work was amended to include Sections 24 and 12 as well, with costs of the work not to exceed $20,000. The request was approved on a unanimous vote of the board.