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West Bend-Mallard Achievement Foundation Celebrates WBM Programs

By Staff | May 11, 2010

WEST BEND — The West Bend- Mallard Achievement Foundation is planning the first annual celebration of achievements that students and the district have accomplished this past school year. In this very challenging time for schools everywhere, the West Bend-Mallard Achievement Foundation is celebrating the good things happening in the school district.

The West Bend-Mallard Achievement Foundation is the organization by which school patrons, parents, grandparents and friends of West Bend-Mallard may support the school through charitable, tax-deductible donations. The goal of the West Bend-Mallard Achievement Foundation is to support existing programs in the school system, new programs for students, and educational opportunities for the faculty that may keep our school at the high level of education and student achievement we currently enjoy.

Foundation members will host an evening of entertainment by WBM students       and inform attendees how an effective Foundation can best serve the school. There will be a question and answer time after the entertainment with refreshments being served. This will be an opportunity for patrons, parents, grandparents and friends of WBM to learn how they can help the Foundation in their endeavors to keep WBM achievements high.

Charitable donations to the Foundation can be accomplished in many ways. Supporters can make an annual donation, memorial gift, or even sell grain in the name of the West Bend-Mallard Achievement Foundation. These gifts will benefit the school without influencing state school budget regulations.

The Celebration of Achievements is scheduled for Monday, May 17, at 7 p.m. in the West Bend gymnasium. Mark your calendars to join us for an evening of entertainment and information on how you can help keep our school successful through charitable donations.