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Graettinger Relay Team Pinking Up Annual Fundraising Effort

By Staff | May 4, 2010

GRAETTINGER – A group from Graettinger is taking the symbolism of pink and cancer awareness to a new level with their latest fundraising effort. The JLB Fishing Buddies Relay For Life team has basically gone to the birds for one of their fund raisers.

By going to the birds, the JLB Fishing Buddies are using a flock of pink flamingos, those lawn ornament standards of the 1950’s, as a way to raise funds for the annual Palo Alto County Relay For Life. Flocks of pink flamingos will be placed in yards of individuals around the area. In order to get rid of the birds and send them to someone else for a good home, a donation to the American Cancer Society, through the JLB Fishing Buddies will solve the problem. When you make a donation, you may then request where the flamingos should be placed next.

While some birds have been known to make for a little “mess” when in residence, these birds are a class act. There will be a baggie attached to the neck of one of the flamingos, which will contain instructions on how to make donations and more importantly, how to get the flamingos sent elsewhere.

Members of the JLB Fishing Buddies Relay team will tend to the flamingos daily, moving them to a new lawn every day during the month of May.

Additionally, the JLB Fishing Buddies will hold their annual fundraising auction on Friday, May 28, at the Hillcrest Golf Club in Graettinger, starting at 8 p.m. Any and all donations are welcomed for the auction, which will see all proceeds being directed to the American Cancer Society. Those interested in making donations to the auction, or wanting to “adopt” a flamingo for a day can contact     Jane Brown at 712-859-3951 or Cheryl Harris at 712-859-3467.