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Blueprint Emmetsburg

By Staff | Apr 27, 2010

Driving through Emmetsburg or walking through Emmetsburg. What do people see and how do they look at the community?

We have seen “Blueprint Emmetsburg” for the past few weeks, but what does it mean?

Blueprint Emmetsburg will include a two-day visit  to drive and walk through the community. People will be invited talk about the community, to build a plan to move forward.

Through the Iowa Department of Economic Development, Blueprint Emmetsburg has evolved. Emmetsburg Retail Association (ERA) wrote a mini-grant and received funds through Palo Alto County Gaming Development Corporation to proceed.

Certified community planners will be coming to town June 22 and June 23 to help with the plan.

Debi Flanders and Catherine Bergman will tour the town, and interview residents and business owners. Their visit will culminate with a presentation to residents concerning the strengths of the community, weaknesses of the communities, and setting out priorities.

“This projet fits the retail association,” said Deb Hite, ERA co-chair. “Over the past four and a half years, we have developed a positive, forward look. We want to continue our ideals. We then started looking at what we can do to make this better for everybody, plus build a stronger community.”

Laura Blanchet, co-chair of the ERA, added, “We discovered that people are doing a variety of individual projects. We need to develop a pipeline of information to develop these the projects.”

“As we talked about these things, Katie (Kahler, Chamber Director) talked about a pipeline or clearing house to identify projects and who is working on them, plus working to have financing in place,” said Steve Heldt, Community Developer. “We need to have everybody discussing and prioritizing how we can sustain these efforts.”

The ERA is compiling information about the community for Debi Flanders and Catherine Bergman to review before their visit.

The Chamber of Commerce, Retail Association and City are working together, committed to resolving issues and making it positive for all.

“Our objective is to build a diagram for our community,” said Deb Hite. “We want to go forward with something we can build on over the years.”