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Council Updated On Dog Issue

By Staff | Apr 15, 2010

A dog believed to be a Pit Bull, and in violation of Emmetsburg City Code, remains an issue of concern.

Emmetsburg Police Chief Eric Hanson informed the council Monday that Jeremy Bowman had found a new home for his dog. The council had previously asked Bowman to have a dna test conducted to determine the breed of the dog. The test was not done.

Hanson told the council that Bowman had given the dog to his brother who lives near Des Moines.?However, the brother often has business that brings them to the area so the dog spends weekends in Emmetsburg.

“We can either let it go and allow the weekend visits, or we can cite them per Emmetsburg City Code,” said Hansen. “We try to be resilient in the decisions we make, but my initial feeling is to tell him if the dog shows up in Emmetsburg he will be cited. I think we were fair.”

Hanson said that Bowman had asked if the dog could be declared a “guard dog.”?Hanson said that would require the dog to be considered “vicious” and referred to the proximity to the school.

Council representative Sandy Pelzer asked if the dog had been running loose when it is in town.

Hanson said the dog was chained up.

“We’ve been fair with them,” said Councilman Pat Degen. “It’s against the City Ordinance, so we should issue a citation.”

Councilman Steve Finer added, “We gave them the option to see if it’s one of the dangerous breeds in our Code.”

Hanson said he would visit with the Bowmans and advise them that the dog cannot be in Emmetsburg.

In other business, Public Works Director Bill Dickey advised the council that Clean Up Week has been scheduled for May 3 through May 7, to coincide with solid waste collection dates. Cost of a Cleanup Permit will be $17 this year, a 50-cent increase over last year. The increase was necessitated by the increased cost of dumping fees.

Dickey said that Brown Goods Recycling days are April 28 and April 29.