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Horizons Unlimited Now Accepts More Plastics For Recycling

By Staff | Apr 13, 2010

Got Plastic? Horizons Unlimited has the answer!

With a grant from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources Solid Waste Alternative Program or DNR SWAP grant, Horizons Unlimited can now recycle plastics 1-7, plastic grocery/shopping bags, and plastic film packaging. 

In April of 2009, Horizons was awarded a $20.000.00 SWAP grant from the DNR to reorganize the Recycling Center. This major restructuring involved selling one baler, purchasing a conveyor system, reorganizing the recycling floor and purchasing self-dumping hoppers. City Carton, one of the largest full service recycling companies in the Midwest, helped Horizons determine how to reorganize and then helped with the rearrangement.

“These improvements will increase safety, efficiency and sustainability for Horizons’ Recycling Center,” said Horizons Vocational Director Lana Williams.

With all these changes, Horizons is now accepting clean, dry and empty plastic containers with the recycling symbols of 1-7. Plastics Horizons still does not accept are: motor oil bottles, antifreeze bottles, Styrofoam, plastic toys and laundry baskets.

Also, Horizons now accepts clean, dry and empty plastic bags and film packaging. Some examples of plastic bags Horizons can NOW recycle include bread, newspaper, grocery, plastic retail bags, cereal box liners, etc.

Open House

To launch our new expanded plastic recycling, Horizons will be hosting an open house Wednesday, April 21, which is the day before Earth Day. The public is invited to attend.

Horizons is also sending out special invitations to seventh and eighth graders through their teachers in Palo Alto and Pocahontas Counties.

Horizons’ Open House for the Recycling Center will be held April 21 from 1 to 4 p.m. with tours, activities and education.

For more information about recycling or the open house, go to Horizons’ website at: www.horizons-unlimited.org or contact Horizons at 712-852-2211. Horizons new recycling theme is: “recycling: think about it.”

Williams said, “We hope people will think they should either start recycling or expand the recycling they are already doing.” 

Horizons Unlimited has been working with adults with developmental, mental and/or physical disabilities for more than 40 years. Horizons’ mission statement is “Pursuing a Better Quality of Life for People.”