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Preliminary Plat Gains Approval Of Supervisors

By Staff | Apr 8, 2010

Preliminary plats and plans for a new subdivision located on the west side of Five Island Lake were approved by the Palo Alto County Board of Supervisors during its weekly meeting on April 6. The supervisors also signed the contract for the County Road B53 reconstruction project during the session at the Palo Alto County Courthouse.

Palo Alto County Zoning Administrator Joe Neary made the initial presentation of the preliminary plat of Five Island Bay to the board, reporting that the county’s Planning and Zoning Commission had considered the proposal and recommended approval to the supervisors, after no public comment was received on the proposal. The area, located in Section seven of Freedom Township, would feature a total of 22 lots, all roughly 100 feet in width, with 16 lakeshore lots and six backlots. An outlot to provide lake access for the backlots will be part of the development.

Project engineer Jim Thiesse of Kruse, Cate and Associates of Spencer, highlighted some of the features of the subdivision, noting that plans call for the construction of a gravel road that would actually feature 90 feet of right-of-way, while the road would have 12’ driving lanes, four feet of shoulder on each side and ditches. “There is also a provision in this plan for a recreational trail 20 feet wide,” Thiesse added.

Neary noted that the setbacks of the subdivision are greater than what is required by county zoning, 50 feet as opposed to 35 feet. The subdivision will rely on private septic and private well systems, due to the distance from the Emmetsburg corporate limits.

Bruce Nelson, co-developer of the project along with Jeff Stillman, briefed the supervisors on some of the proposed covenants for the subdivision, including the requirement of single-family homes with a minimum of 1,400 square feet on the main floor, along with 50-foot setback from the lakefront.

“We are not going to allow mobile homes,” Nelson said, “But we would allow a person who purchases a lot to bring their RV out there for the first few years until they can get their house constructed, but it will not be allowed on a permanent basis.”

Other restrictions for the subdivision include a limit of two dogs and two cats per residence, with no exotic animals being allowed. The only fencing that will be allowed will be around swimming pools, in accordance with state law. Nelson also noted that it was the developers’ plan that garages would be built at 90 degree angles to the roadway for aesthetics, and that one outbuilding be allowed per lot.

The supervisors quickly approved the preliminary plat on a unanimous vote.

Palo Alto County Engineer Joel Fantz presented the board with the contract for construction on the B53 reconstruction project of the Ayrshire pavement. The contractor, Upper Plains Contracting of Aberdeen, SD., won the contract for the project in a bid opening last month with their bid of $3,864,086.48.

The contract approved by the board calls for a late-start date of May 5, with 105 working days to complete the project. A clause allows for liquidated damages of $1,000 per day that work is not completed after the contract specifications.

“They will begin erecting signage and some preliminary work next week after our pre-construction meeting and then we should see dirt work starting around April 19,” Fantz said.

In a related item, Supervisor Ed Noonan asked when the current road embargoes would be lifted on the county’s hard-surfaced roadways. “I’ve had a couple of calls about when the embargo would lift, like on the road north of Ayrshire, so that farmers can get grain to market once the east road is closed for construction.”

Fantz noted that some soft spots had started appearing in some locations over the past few days, a sign that the frost was coming out. “I’m thinking we could probably lift it around the 19 th, or perhaps sooner on the Ayrshire road, we can work with that.”