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Council Approves Rezoning

By Staff | Mar 16, 2010

Emmetsburg City Council adopted an ordinance to rezone property from C-2 Highway Commercial to R-1 Single Family Residential for Rick and Candace Bisenius. Action came at the Monday, March 8, meeting

Bisenius had come to the council Feb. 22, when a public hearing was held on the request to change the zoning classification. The Planning and Zoning Commission had recommended the reclassification, but there were concerns expressed from neighboring property owners.

After a vote of three in favor and two against, the city attorney told the council that the vote would pass only with a majority (four) of the six council members. At a special meeting of the City Council Feb. 26, the rezoning request was placed on the agenda of the March 8 meeting.

Monday, March 8, Bisenius again appeared before the council to have property at 4505 Works Road and 4507 Works Road rezoned from C-2 to R-1. The motion passed five to one. Council representatives voting aye: Sandy Pelzer, Cory Gramowski, Pat Degen, Brian Malm and Steve Finer. Councilman Brian Campbell voted no.

The motion to waive the second and third considerations of the ordinance change, again passed by five to one. Council representatives voting aye: Campbell, Gramowski, Degen, Malm and Finer. Voting no: Pelzer.

The motion to adopt Ordinance 540 for zoning classification change from C-2 to R-1 for Rick and Candace Bisenius passed four to two. Councilmen voting aye: Gramowski, Degen, Malm and Finer. Council representatives voting no: Campbell and Pelzer.

Street Improvements

General street improvements were adopted for 2010-2011. Projects include:

Seal: two blocks of 18th from Pleasant to Union; five blocks on 17th from Grand to Erie; three blocks on 16th from Pleasant to Broadway; one block on 16th from Madison to Lawler; three blocks on North Madison, from First going North; two blocks on 8th from Superior to King; one block on 6th from King to Wallace; one block, City Hall lot.

Level and Seal: Six blocks on 13th from Superior to Lawler; one block on 16th from Call to Harrison; one block alley from 13th to 14th (Hardware Hank); one block on Huron, 10th to 11th; two blocks on 19th from Monroe to Grand; one block on 21st from Grand to Pleasant; two blocks on 16th from Palmer to Broadway; one block on 22nd from Madison to Lawler; one block on 23rd from Madison to Lawler; one block on 19th from Pleasant to Monroe; and one block on 12th from Erie to Jefferson.

Patching: 500 block of Lawler, water; 500 block of Lawler, storm sewer intake; 500 block of Des Moines, utility; 5th and Des Moines, utility; 11th and Huron, water; 1900 block of 2nd, water; 3500 block of 5th, water; 12th and Jefferson, sewer manhole.