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Emmetsburg’s Irish Guest Is Senator Ned O’Sullivan

By Staff | Mar 2, 2010

SENATOR NED O’SULLIVAN, member of Irish Parliament, will be in Emmetsburg for the 50th annual St. Patrick’s Celebration. He will represent the Republic of Ireland at the 2010 St. Patrick’s Celebration in Emmetsburg. --submitted photo

Senator Ned O’Sullivan, member of Irish Parliament representing County Kerry, will be Emmetsburg’s Irish Guest for the 2010 St. Patrick’s Celebration.

Senator O’Sullivan and his wife, Madeleine, will arrive in Emmetsburg Monday, March 15. They will have time to see a bit of Palo Alto County before heading to Des Moines Wednesday.

The O’Sullivans will return to Emmetsburg to be part of the Ceili on Thursday, March 18. They will judge the cooking contest Friday, March 19, and attend the Miss Shamrock Pageant that evening.

Emmetsburg’s Irish Guest will be introduced during the Pre-Parade Saturday afternoon and view the parade. The O’Sullivans will be guests of honor at the St. Pat’s Banquet that evening.

Ned O’Sullivan is a Fianna Fail member of the Irish Parliament, representing Kerry North and Limerick West. He is the spokesperson for Food and Horticulture, Health Promotion and Food Safety.

Mr. O’Sullivan was born in County Kerry and makes his home in Listowel. He and his wife, Madeleine, have three sons, Sean Og, Stephen and Emmett.

Ned O’Sullivan received his education at University College Dublin and St. Patrick’s College of Education. He taught English Literature and History for a number of years. After his father retired, he took over the families’ menswear business in Listowel. At that time, he became very active in politics.

Mr. O’Sullivan served a number of terms as Mayor of Listowel and one term as Mayor of County Kerry. He was elected to the Senate in 2007.

The town of Listowel has very strong links with Des Moines through the Catholic priesthood in the early 20th century.

He served as Chairman of the County Arts and Heritage Committee for many years, and his interests include history and literature. He has published a number of volumes on local archaeology and folk history.

Interestingly, Mr. O’Sullivan unveiled a commemorative plaque to Robert Emmett in Kerry during his last term.

The O’Sullivan family has a long history in politics, and they were very involved in Ireland’s fight for independence. Senator O’Sullivan’s grandfather, also Ned, succeeded in changing his street name from Market Street to Emmett Place way back in the days of British Rule.

Senator O’Sullivan’s wife, Madeleine, was also born in Kerry. She has just taken early retirement from teaching. She stays active serving as the Director of a literary festival, and she sits as a government nominee on the board of the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin Castle.