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Be Part of the Process

By Staff | Feb 9, 2010

Emmetsburg residents have the opportunity to be part of the planning process for a proposed Community Center. A meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 11, at the former Emmetsburg Country Club building on North Lawler.

Many residents participated in a feasibility study conducted in 2009, with leadership interviews and a telephone survey. Hanser &?Associates Public Relations conducted the study.

A summary of the study concluded: The current facility occupies a great location, but does not meet the community’s need for a multi-use community center and should be replaced with a new building.

“Based on the results of the survey conducted by Hanser & Associates, there appears to be significant citizen support for the construction of a community center on the subject property,” said John Bird, City Administrator of Emmetsburg. “It comes as no surprise that the community views this property as a valuable asset, and feels strongly about preserving it as a means of public access to Five Island Lake which, unfortunately, is very limited.”

Community Developer Steve Heldt added, “The residents of Emmetsburg have a unique opportunity since they own the two acre property where the former country club building sits. Very few public properties in Iowa are located on a lake sitting next to a campground and golf course. The State of Iowa just spent millions of dollars in southern Iowa at Honey Creek constructing a similar scenario to create a tourism destination for the local area. This property allows Emmetsburg to highlight several recreational options available in our community and make it available for everyone.”

Heldt stressed that the residents of Emmetsburg need to explore all option to determine use of the former country club property.

“Hopefully there are many people in and around Emmetsburg who, like me, see Thursday’s meeting as the perfect chance to become involved in a planning process that is sure to result in enhanced leisure-time opportunities in our community,” added Bird. “The more input the City Council and Emmetsburg Community Development Corporation receive on the front end of this process, the better the chance that, in the end, this property will positively impact people of all ages and from all walks of life for generations to come.”

The shared vision of the land and facility is a new building for Emmetsburg. How to proceed with that as a goal is the focus of the 7 p.m. community meeting this Thursday.