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Help Promote Homegrown Energy

By Staff | Feb 4, 2010

“We see a future where American agriculture plays a crucial role in making our own fuel. We envision a day when America enjoys greater energy security and we stop sending billions of dollars overseas for the energy we can be growing here at home. We are at the moment when agriculture must come together in an effort to defend farming and the promise of ethanol. Because the voices that oppose American agriculture are powerful. And we must speak up before it’s too late.” –GrowthForce

GrowthForce is a bipartisan group of agriculture supporters who believe in America’s homegrown energy:?ethanol. The organization is building a data base of individuals who will promote the future of ethanol.

Sign-up boxes have been placed in Emmetsburg Chamber of Commerce member businesses. Those who sign up will receive electronic updates on current issues, what ag opposition is doing, what’s happening with ethanol policy and how they can help agriculture.

For each Palo Alto County resident who signs up, Palo Alto County 4-H will receive $1. POET Biorefining plants each selected a nonprofit organization to receive this special funding. The Emmetsburg plant chose 4-H as a county-wide organization which is associated with agriculture.

In addition, every person who signs up will be eligible for a gift package from POET Biorefining, Emmetsburg. Two winners from the area will be drawn on Friday, March 12.

GrowthForce says, American agriculture needs ethanol … and ethanol needs you.

Tom Buis, CEO of Growth Energy says, “I’ve worked for years to help American farmers have a voice in the issues that matter. I joined Growth Energy because ethanol holds the greatest opportunity for agriculture. I need your help to defend the future of farming and our way of life.”

Ret. General Wesley Clark, Growth Energy Co-Chairman, notes, “There are powerful groups working against the potential of agriculture and what it means for greater energy independence. We must join forces and take a stand now. Agriculture – and our national security – are at risk.”

The team at POET encourages people who wish to promote ethanol to sign up for the free membership.