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Hofstad Assumes Leadership Of Board Of Supervisors

By Staff | Jan 8, 2010

Palo Alto County’s Board of Supervisors will fall under the gavel of new chair Jerry Hofstad, following the reorganizational session of the board on Tuesday, Jan. 5. The election of Hofstad and Supervisor Keith Wirtz as chairman Pro-Tem of the board were among several appointments made by the board during the session.

In the first session of the new calendar year, the board members introduced and approved several resolutions for Palo Alto County Engineer Joel Fantz. The resolutions included designating Fantz as the county’s authorized agent to execute the certification of completion of work and final acceptance with plans and specifications in connection with all Farm to Market and Federal Aid construction projects in Palo Alto County. Also introduced and approved was a resolution authorizing Fantz to close secondary roads for scheduled construction projects, as well as closing roads temporarily under special circumstances such as maintenance or natural disasters. Additionally, a Right-Of-Way compliance agreement with the Iowa Department of Transportation was also introduced and approved by the board members.

The board approved a number of re-appointments, including the re-appointment of Tim McCain of Emmetsburg to act as the county’s Tax Agent, along with the supervisors re-appointing themselves to various committees and boards for the upcoming year.

Board members introduced and approved a resolution approving official depositories for various county officers. Auditor Gary Leonard, Sheriff Dennis Goeders, and Recorder Bonnie Whitney were all authorized to deposit funds in the Wells Fargo Bank in Emmetsburg and Whitney and Goeders were also authorized to deposit county funds in the Iowa Trust & Savings Bank in Emmetsburg. Supervisors designated Wells Fargo Bank, Iowa Trust & Savings Bank and Laurens State Bank, all of Emmetsburg along with Bank Plus of Graettinger, West Iowa Bank and Farmers State Bank in West Bend and the Iowa State Bank in Ruthven all as authorized depositories for up to $15 million in county funds each by County Treasurer Mary Hilfiker.

Supervisor Ed Noonan was re-appointed to the DHS Advisory Board and Supervisor Ron Graettinger was appointed as alternate. Jerry Hofstad was re-appointed to the Cherokee Mental Health Advisory Board, with Maureen Sandberg as alternate. Keith Wirtz was re-appointed to the Seasons Center Board and ISP Board with Hofstad as alternate to both boards.

The Supervisors appointed Ann Stillman to a seat on the County’s Mental Health Appeals Board and re-appointed Ron Ludwig and Peg McNally to the board as well. Ed Noonan received re-appointment to both the R.I.D.E.S Board and the Northwest Iowa Consortium Board with Graettinger as alternate. Jerry Hofstad was also re-appointed to the North Central Emergency Response Commission with Supervisor Leo Goeders as alternate.

Keith Wirtz was re-appointed to the Drainage Advisory Board with Hofstad as alternate, and Goeders was re-appointed as the Supervisors’ liaison to the County E911 Board with Hofstad as alternate. Goeders was also re-appointed to the Third Judicial District board and Graettinger was re-appointed to the Decategorization Board, while Keith Wirtz was re-appointed to the county’s H.I.P.A.A. Compliance Board.

The five newspapers publishing in the county, “The Reporter” and “The Democrat,” as well as the combined “West Bend Journal,” “Graettinger Times,” and “Ruthven Zipcode” were designated as official county newspapers for the coming year.

The Supervisors also reappointed the members of the county Eminent Domain Compensation Board during the session and re-appointed Denise Flaherty of Graettinger and Dr. Dan Nesheim of Mallard to terms on the County Local Health Board and re-appointed Clayton Helgeson of Emmetsburg and Allen Stangl of Ayrshire to the Palo Alto County Planning and Zoning Board of Adjustment.

Supervisor Ron Graettinger was re-appointed to serve on the Upper Des Moines Opportunity Board and the Northwest Alcohol and Drug Treatment Unit (ADTU) Board, with Leo Goeders as the alternate to both boards. Jerry Hofstad was re-appointed to the Enterprise Zone Board and to the Central Iowa Juvenile Detention Center Board, with Goeders as his alternate. The supervisors also appointed Miriam Patton to serve on the Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) Board, and appointed Allen Stangl of Ayrshire as a supervisor’s representative on the County Compensation Board, with his term to expire in 2014. Francis Schealler of Graettinger was also re-appointed to another term as a supervisor’s representative on the Compensation Board, with that term also expiring in 2014.

Dr. Patricia Banwart of West Bend was re-appointed as the Palo Alto County Medical Examiner, with her term to expire in 2011 and Gary Hughes was re-appointed to a seat on the County Conservation Board, with the term to expire in 2014.

The board also introduced and approved a resolution for the Master Matrix construction plan for livestock confinement facility construction on a unanimous roll call vote.

The Supervisors also re-affirmed a rate of $8 per hour plus mileage as allowed by the Internal Revenue Service for Township Trustees’ compensation, and set a minimum fee of $20 for meetings of the trustees.