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No Insight Bowl Broadcast On Mediacom Cable

By Staff | Dec 31, 2009

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Des Moines, IA – December 30, 2009  –  Officials of Mediacom were informed on Wednesday that “broadcast exhibition rights” for the Insight Bowl are limited to television station  ABC5 – WOI , with a Designated Market Area (DMA) which extends to viewers in and around Des Moines, Ames and communities in surrounding areas of central and west-central Iowa.  

Areas of northwest and southwest Iowa are considered to be in the Sioux City or Omaha viewing areas (DMAs), respectively.  Broadcast rights for the December 31 game specifically prohibit ABC5 / WOI to extend its telecasts to those areas.  The prohibition includes broadcasts carried over Mediacom, as well as any other cable network.  

According to the distribution rights granted to ABC5 / WOI by the NFL Network, “any cable system serving communities outside the DMA must delete the Insight Bowl telecast from the Primary Signal of WOI-TV as delivered to the cable system’s subscribers.”

The areas of northwest Iowa where the game telecast is not allowed include, among others, the counties of Dickinson, Clay, Emmet, Palo Alto, Cherokee and Buena Vista.  Mediacom regional vice president Bill Jensen credited WOI-TV with its efforts to gain one-time broadcast exhibition rights from the NFL Network.  “While we regret that the viewing area is limited to the Des Moines television market, we understand that the program owner, NFL Net, controls the retransmission rules and that we are must be in strict compliance.  These are similar to blackout rules that often apply to professional sports broadcasts, and they apply to all video distributors that don’t carry the sports network.