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Palo Alto County Compensation Board Talk Salaries Thursday

By Staff | Dec 8, 2009

The public will have an opportunity to be heard on the topic of salaries for elected officials Monday. The annual meeting of the Palo Alto County Compensation Board will convene at 3 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 10, in the supervisor’s boardroom of the Palo Alto County Courthouse. The agenda for the Compensation Board calls for the group to discuss salaries for the county’s elected officials for fiscal year 2010-2011.

As set forth by the Code of Iowa, the county’s Compensation Board determines recommendations for salaries of the elected officials of each county. The Compensation Board is a group of citizens appointed to represent the various elected officials of county government.

Compensation Board members review the wages paid to the elected officials, and then review additional information before making a recommendation for a salary to the county Board of Supervisors. The salary recommendation may be for an increase or a freeze in the amount of compensation for the officials.

Once the salary recommendation has been made, the final decision lies with the county Board of Supervisors, who may approve the Compensation Board’s recommendation, or they may lower the recommendation, but the salary may not be raised higher than the original recommendation established by the Compensation Board.

During its’ last session in January of 2009, the Compensation Board recommended salary increases of 2.8% for the county’s elected officials for the current fiscal year. However, the Board of Supervisors voted to implement a wage freeze for the elected officials, based on the condition of the economy at the beginning of the year. That action left salaries for the elected officials at the following levels for fiscal year 2009-2010: Attorney – $67,391; Auditor, Recorder, Treasurer – $48,732; Sheriff – $58,544; Supervisors – $24,008.

Members of the Palo Alto County Compensation Board are John D. Brown of Emmetsburg, representing the County Auditor; Ned Munn of Emmetsburg, representing the County Recorder; Howard Garton of West Bend, representing the County Treasurer; John Spies of Emmetsburg, who represents the County Sheriff and Ronnie Meyer of West Bend, as well as Francis Schealler of Graettinger, both representing the County Board of Supervisors. Bill Zeigler of Emmetsburg serves ass the representative for the County Attorney.

The Compensation Board meeting is open to the public and public comment, either oral or written, is welcomed.