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32nd Annual Board Meeting

By Staff | Nov 17, 2009

COMMUNITY THEATER ANNUAL AWARDS – Main Street Community Theater (MSCT) presented awards to participants during its annual meeting on Nov. 13. Natalie Gordon was presented the Ingénue (Youth) Award for singing and acting; Andrew Stolley was presented the Gold Plate Award for behind the scenes work; and the Silver Plate Award for acting/directing went to Ron Eichmeier. Pictured (from left) are Andrew Stolley, Natalie Gordon, Director Jackie VanOosbree, MSCT Board President Brent McAllister, and Ron Eichmeier. – Lori Hall photo

Emmetsburg Main Street Community Theater celebrated the completion of its 32nd year with the annual Board of Directors meeting on Nov. 13, at Dublin’s Food & Spirits in Emmetsburg. Highlights of the previous theater season were reviewed, and awards were presented.

“I am very pleased with the shows this year,” said Board President Brent McAllister. “Our work with children’s theater is a bright spot; the productions are extremely well received. Our commitment will certainly help us out in the future, and I’m proud of that.”

Director Jackie VanOosbree noted that the well-known drama “Our Town,” which played in November and December, experienced a successful outcome.

“It was a great show and one that I had been wanting to do for a long time,” said VanOosbree. “I’m very happy with the outcome.”

In March and April, the theater presented “Don’t Hug Me,” a play set in a northern Minnesota bar.

“‘Don’t Hug Me’ turned out nicely,” noted Brent McAllister, who directed the musical comedy. “The cast was wonderful and were fun to work with.”

The children’s production for the season was “Cinderella Kids.”

Co-directors for “Cinderella Kids,” which appeared in May and June, were Marcia Beatty, Peggy Stolley, and Jackie VanOosbree.

“We had 80-some kids involved–that was a trip,” VanOosbree said. “There were so many kids that wanted to participate that we had two sets of mice. We have some really talented kids in this community.”

McAllister noted that as part of the 2009 grant cycle, the Theater was awarded $12,329.25 by Palo Alto County Gaming Development Corporation (PACGDC) towards the acquisition of a cyclorama and cyclorama lighting. A cyclorama is a theatrical device used for background scenery.

Annual Awards

Natalie Gordon was presented the Ingénue (Youth) Award for singing and acting in the MSCT productions “Cinderella Kids” (2009), “Our Town” (2008), “101 Dalmatians Kids” (2008), “Honk! Jr.” (2006), and “The Music Man Jr.” (2003). Gordon recently appeared on the Emmetsburg High School stage in “Just Another High School Play.”

“Natalie is a fine actress and vocalist. I’ve enjoyed working with her,” VanOosbree said.

The Silver Plate Award, for acting and directing contributions, went to Ron Eichmeier who has been involved with Main Street Community Theater since 1990. Eichmeier has appeared in ten productions, including “A Christmas Carol” (1990), “Annie” (1992), “Once Upon A Mattress” (1994), “Oliver” (1999), “Li’l Abner” (2002), “Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?” (2003), “Robber Bridegroom” (2006), “Escanaba in da Moonlight” (2007), “G.I. Jukebox” (2007), and “Our Town” (2008). Eichmeier is currently involved in the MSCT production of “The Government Inspector.”

This year’s Gold Plate Award, for efforts off-stage, was presented to Andrew Stolley. Stolley constructed the sets for “Escanaba in da Moonlight” (2007), “G.I. Jukebox” (2007), “Of Mice and Men” (2008), “Our Town” (2008), “Cinderella Kids” (2009), and “Don’t Hug Me” (2009). He also acted in “G.I. Jukebox,” “Of Mice and Men,” and “Our Town.” Stolley is presently involved both onstage and behind-the-scenes with “The Government Inspector.”

In other business, Jackie VanOosbree, Jean Eichmeier, Ron Eichmeier, Julia Madsen, Diana Parisi, Barb Anliker, Marcia Beatty, and Mary Moser were re-elected to the board.

Jackie VanOosbree briefly discussed the upcoming theater season. Ideas include the musical “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee,” and children’s theater “Alice In Wonderland Jr.”

The Theater is currently working on the comedy “The Government Inspector,” which will open Friday, Nov. 27.

“It’s one of the funnier shows that I’ve seen,” said VanOosbree. “It’s a relatively new show and we’re one of the first community theaters to do it.”