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Council Discusses Speed Limit For Alley

By Staff | Oct 20, 2009

Emmetsburg City Council discussed a request for a speed limit for an alley at their meeting last week.

The alley in question extends from the Food Pride/Hardware Hank parking lot to 15th Street. The drivers reportedly use this alley at an excessive rate of speed and residents are hoping that a speed limit or “children at play” sign be posted. Council representative Pam Smith told the council that she wrote the letter and residents adjacent to the alley signed it.

Police Chief Eric Hanson told the council he will research whether or not there is anything in the city code pertaining to speed limits for alleys. He pointed out that “children at play” signs are put up only where there are large numbers of children. The cost of each sign is between $150 to $200.

The police chief agreed this is iprobably the most used alley in town, but he did not have knowlege that speed is an issue.

Mayor John Schad advised the council that he had been contacted by Bertha Mattnews about a new committee she has formed.

The mayor read a statement on the Five Island Lake Watershed Assoc. that met Oct. 6 with ten people in attendance.

“The Watershed Assoc. is looking forward to working with the community for its betterment. The Assoc. will be forming as a non-profit and will have a board, rules of behavior and a business plan. We will be working under the guidance of the DNR. Our first project is to have Lake Hazard Maps posted at all public docks along with lake information…by May 2010. We invite all to come to our meetings.”