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City Hears Concerns About Noise And Vandalism

By Staff | Aug 27, 2009

Concerns and complaints about noise at the T-dock on the west side of Five Island Lake came to the attention of Emmetsburg City Council Monday night.

“We have received a request to place regulations on the T-dock,” Police Chief Eric Hanson told the council.

Hanson told the council that when the City Code was recodified a few years ago, the closing time for parks was moved from 11 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. However, it was unsure if the T-dock would fall under the same jurisdiction as the parks.

“If this is something you want to tackle, let me know,” said City Administrator John Bird. “If you want to add the T-dock in with the parks, that can probably be done.”

Councilman Brian Campbell pointed out that there had been complaints earlier this season about noise and young people in the campground. He suggested that instead of just the T-dock, people should be off all public docks.

John Carmichael, who lives across the street form the T-dock, said he has called in numerous complaints. He noted that kids are playing in the streets and refusing to move, yelling, cursing and screaming after 10:30 p.m. and as late as 3 a.m.

“It’s very annoying,” he said. “It’s a nuisance.?I would appreciate any consideration.”

Chief Hanson pointed out that with recodification, the city lost “disturbing the peace” but can still cite people for disorderly conduct.

Hanson noted that if the dock was closed at 11 p.m., officers can patrol the dock area and advise people that the T-dock is closed at 11 p.m. Now, officers can only advise people of the complaint.

“I’m all in favor of an 11 p.m. closing at the T-dock in an amendment to the City Code,” said Hanson. “That would help the adjacent owners and even residents across the lake.”

Councilman Steve Finer added, “I, too, have been there when the kids will not move off the street.”

Council representative Pam Smith suggested posting a “quiet zone” in the area of the T-dock.

Public Works Director Bill Dickey advised the council that he believed closing the parks is up to the parks board. He also noted that the city is experiencing major vandalism in the parks again. He reported $850 damage to a concrete table in Harrison Park recently. The table legs and seats were broken and it appears that someone was trying to push the table out of the gazebo.

Councilman Pat Degen recommended that Dickey take these concerns to the parks board and report their recommendations to the City Council.