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AAUW Hosts Emmetsburg Garden Tour This Saturday

By Staff | Aug 26, 2009

Five Emmetsburg gardens and the Emmetsburg Community Garden will be open to tour groups this Saturday, Aug. 29. The tour is a fund raising event sponsored by Palo Alto American Association of University Women.

There is something special for everyone on this tour, according to the organizers. Backyard water falls, rock-lined pools, intimate gardens and colorful plantings with surprising combinations.

Tom and Judy Murphy

1602 Broadway

The Murphys have a peaceful back yard shade garden with many types of hostas. There are also clematis, sweet peas and dianthus. Look for tree and herbaceous peonies, kiwi, and a goose neck plant. Many of the perennials are accented with white annuals. The Murphys have a waterfall against a rock wall.

Howard and Rosie Argabright

1007 State Street

The Argabright’s back yard displays plants in their natural settings. The property includes over six acres of wildflowers and prairie, surrounding the “Little House on the Prairie” replica which Argabright built. They have over 200 varieties of hostas. Sun and shade gardens include phlox, lilies, peonies, lambs ear, coral bells, hibiscus and more. They also have a fruit orchard.

Renee Jedlicka and Tony Stubbs

3103 Sixth Street

The garden meanders around the house with a variety of plants. The area is landscaped with a variety of shrubs, trees and perennials, with a variety of color and textures for every season.

Frank and Althea Sedlock’s property is located next to the Jedlicka/Stubbs garden. The Sedlocks take pleasure in this colorful, low-maintenance flower garden that is arranged using elevated annuals in pots. They also have a large vegetable garden.

Marvin and Eileen Thiesse

3004 Fifth Street

The Thiesses have a mix of flowers and vegetables on the corner lot, arranged in an artistic design. In addition to a bed of wildflowers and zinnias, there are tall Mexican corn and staked tomatoes. Marv’s wood cavings are another highlight in the garden. The Thiesses have a number of trees and even a birch nursery.

Bill and Sharolyn Dickey

2208 First Street

The Dickeys have two waterfalls, one in front and one in the back of their home. Water plants such as lily pads and water hyacinth are a beautiful setting for more than 80 fish in the ponds. Perennials and annuals are colorful, with lawn art throughout the garden area.

Community Garden

17th and State Streets

Another stop on the tour of the Emmetsburg Community Vegetable Garden at the corner of 17th and State Streets.

This is the first year for the Community Gardens. What a beginning with 100 plots. Gardeners are using a variety of methods in their plots and the produce is bountiful.

Tickets for the tour are available at the Murphy (1602 Broadway) and Jedlicka (3103 Sixth) homes.