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Special Scholarships Available For EMT Class

By Staff | Aug 18, 2009

by Dan Voigt

Living in rural Iowa, our rural lifestyle has promoted the idea of neighbor helping neighbor and through volunteers. But one important part of our daily lives is greatly affected by volunteers who answer our calls for help in times of emergency. While many people think of volunteer firefighters, another equally important volunteer field is that of emergency medical care.

Emergency Medical Technicians are the first-line response of the medical system. Whether first responders, Emergency Medical Technicians or Paramedic Specialists, EMS providers are your neighbors and friends, quite possibly even a family member, who will come to your assistance when you call for help.

However, the need for trained emergency medical technicians is never-ending. If you have ever thought about a way that you could give back to your community; there is a perfect opportunity now available for you to make that commitment.

Through a cooperative effort of the Palo Alto County Ambulance Service and Iowa Lakes Community College, 12 full Scholarships for an Emergency Medical Technician- Basic Class, which will start August 27, are available. Applications for this unique tuition grant program are currently being accepted. The course will be held in Emmetsburg.

Applicants must be at least 17 years of age at time of enrollment; be able to read, write and speak English; have a current driver’s license; be physically and emotionally capable of performing basic emergency medical care; be able to satisfactorily complete an entrance assessment; have a health evaluation and background check.

In the course of the Emergency Medical Technician Basic course, students learn how to provide crucial first line medical care to individuals who are ill or injured. Sudents learn the assessment techniques needed to provide care and treatment on scene and during transport to the emergency room. Students gain the self-confidence needed to react during stressful situations and the leadership skills necessary to take charge of scenes, skills that will be beneficial in other aspects of their lives.

Most importantly, students will be providing a crucial link in the Emergency Medical Services chain, and performing an invaluable service not only to their community, but to their fellow man.

The need for Emergency Medical Technicians is ongoing and critical. Persons who would like more information on becoming an Emergency Medical Technician are urged to contact Sheryl Darling, EMS Coordinator at (712) 852-5464 or Steve Dobbins, ILCC Fire and EMS Programmer at (712) 852-5226.