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Emmetsburg City Council Proceeds To Demolish Two Unsafe Buildings

By Staff | Jul 16, 2009

Emmetsburg City Council has set public hearings to proceed with condemnation of two unsafe buildings. The public hearings were set for Monday, July 27.

Buildings in question are the former Ward building, located in the 900 block of Broadway; and a single family dwelling on the northeast corner of 19th and Madison. Notices have been sent to the owners of both properties.

City Administrator John Bird talked with the City Attorney and reported to the council, “Just because you hold the hearing and issue another notice, doesn’t mean that you have to proceed with tearing down the buildings.”

Community Developer Steve Heldt informed the council that a Complete Count Committee has been formed to promote the 2010 Census.

“Our objective is to promote the 2010 Census and encourage people to fill out the census material accurately,” Heldt said. Census data is used to allocate funds in a number of areas, including: Title 1 grants to educational agencies, Head Start programs, WIC (Women, Infants and Children, food grants), public transportation, road rehabilitation and construction, programs for the elderly, emergency food and shelter, and empowerment zones.

The committee has been provided with federal funds to purchase promotional materials to use in making the public aware of the Census.

Emmetsburg City Council approved a resolution of support regarding the Census.

Council members discussed a request from Palo Alto County/Kossuth County Economic Development for funding for an industrial park booklet. The economic development group requested $3,077.11 from Emmetsburg to help fund the two-county booklet.

“Funding is based on a percentage of casino money rather than what it costs to produce the booklet,” said Mayor John Schad.

John Bird explained that he had visited with Maureen Elbert, Director, and said the amount required to produce the booklet would amount to 2-percent from each Palo Alto community’s per capita grant awards from Palo Alto County Gaming Development Corporation.

Mayor Schad said he could foresee a pattern of making a money-making project out of all the little projects. He did not want to establish a precedent of 2-percent of the city grant award constantly flowing there. Councilman Brian Campbell expressed concern that the industrial group might always be coming back and asking for a little bit more.

Council representative Sandy Pelzer made the motion to give a one-time $3,000 support toward the industrial park project. The motion passed unanimously.

Emmetsburg resident Peggy Osterman came before the council to express concern about moped traffic and late-night noise near the campground at Kearney State Park. She stated that young moped riders drive back and forth and throw one another off the dock. Often this activity is late at night and is continuous throughout the summer.

“It’s a problem that will hurt tourism,” Osterman said.

Police Chief Eric Hanson said officers patrol the area on a regular basis and respond to complaints.

In other business, Emmetsburg City Council:

— authorized a fireworks permit for Steve and Patty Cook for a fireworks display.

— accepted the Duffy/Ontario drainage project.

— accepted change order #3 and pay request #4 for Beck Excavating Inc. for the Ontario/Duffy Drainage Repair project

— set July 27 as the date to accept bids for the sale of the former airport terminal building.

— approved a pay request for to Kleigl Construction for the Brown Robbins Park restroom project.

— approved hiring Bryan Sundall at Five Island Golf for on-the-job training Sundall is a student in the turf grass management class at Iowa Lakes Community College.