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Funding For Study Of Airport Safety

By Staff | Jul 9, 2009

Emmetsburg Airport is scheduled to receive funding for inspection of the pavement conditions that will provide recommendations for federal funding of future rehabilitation projects. The announcement was made this week by Iowa Senators Charles Grassley and Tom Harkin.

“This funding will help Iowa improve safety and service at local airports,” said Grassley.

Harkin noted, “We need to determine how to have the best airports within the limited funding that is available. These studies will help achieve that mission for Iowa airports. I am pleased that Iowa has received funds to study the best ways to improve airport infrastructure.”

Iowa will receive $460,525 in grants to determine the needs of the airports in the state so future funding can be properly allocated, Harkin pointed out. This funding is being made available by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

The funding is broken down:

• $388,154 to help update a state system plan by reviewing goals, objectives and system roles, making necessary adjustments. Iowa will also complete an obstruction analysis of approaches, which will include an overall plan on mitigating obstructions.

• $72,371 for the inspection of the pavement conditions at 22 airports that will provide recommendations for federal funding for future rehabilitation projects. Emmetsburg is included in that group of 22 airports.

Within the last four years, Emmetsburg has received matching funds grants to complete four projects at the airport. Grant funds are received through the Iowa Department of Transportation, coordinated with the Federal Aviation Administration. Grants require a 5-percent local match to 95-percent federal match.

Airport projects completed in the past four years totaled $1,447,078.05 (grant funds of $1,359,587.95; city match $87,490.10). These projects include: Runway Project totaling $817,737.42 (grant funds $776,850; city match $40,887.42); Fuel System $49,280 (grant funds $31,780 ; city match $17,500); Apron/Taxiway Project $520,613.63 (grant funds $494,482.95; city match $26,130.68); and Environmental Assessment $59,447 (grant funds $56,475; city match $2,972).