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Fun On The Fourth of July

By Staff | Jul 7, 2009
FIREWORKS over Five Island Lake lit up the sky Saturday night. Funded by private donations, the fireworks spectacular set the sky aglow for nearly half an hour. The finale (pictured above) featured fireworks on the ground and in the air. People cheered and horns honked as the huge display of pyrotechnics came to an end. --Jane Whitmore photo
THE CULPEPPER & MERRIWEATHER CIRCUS brought a trio of big cats to Emmetsburg for two shows on Saturday afternoon. The stunning male lion and two striped tigers elicited amazement from the audience as they leapt from platform to platform under the big top. More photos from the afternoon can be found on Page 5 of today’s “Reporter.” – Lori Hall photo

Emmetsburg celebrated Independence Day with a variety of activities on Saturday. The Culpepper & Merriweather Circus came to town in the afternoon, and fireworks over Five Island Lake lit up the night sky. Throughout the day, kids’ games and a sand volleyball tournament were held. The Emmetsburg Municipal Band played their final concert of the season, and a veterans’ salute and mayoral address were heard. It was a day of celebration!