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Vault Installed At Laurens State Bank

By Staff | Jun 18, 2009

NEW ADDITIONS -- Marc Riley, new loan officer at Laurens State Bank is pictured beside the new vault at the Emmetsburg location. The vault will be housed in an addition to the bank which also includes office space and extended lobby. --Rachel Miller photo

Laurens State Bank is committed to keeping customers money safe.

A 27,000-pound vault was added to the Emmetsburg location and arrived on location Monday, June 15. The vault is a needed addition for the $13.5 million in deposits and $7 million in loans.

The new vault will feature safe deposit boxes. Deposits to the after hours deposit box will fall into the vault. The vault measures 10-feet, 4-inches in length, 8-feet, 10-inches in width and 8-feet, 11-inches in height and is being assembled at the site. The vault walls, from concrete and steel, were hoisted into position by a small crane. The vault is from Hamilton Vault Company of Hamilton, OH with security from Dakota Security Systems located in Ankeny.

In the process of adding a new vault, a new office will be created, as well as expanding the lobby area near the north entrance.

For customer convenience, the lot north of the bank was purchased from Ted and Nancy Wentzel to expand the parking lot. This expansion will also make turning from the drive-thru lane easier.

President and vice president of Laurens State Bank, Terry Latham and Doug Welander, respectively, tried very hard to use resources from Emmetsburg businesses in the construction. The staffs from the Laurens and Mallard locations and the board of directors have been supportive during the construction. Robert Payton is the General Contractor for the project

There is another new addition at Laurens State Bank, Emmetsburg. The team welcomed Marc Riley as loan officer the first of June.