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Supervisors Discuss Drainage, Crop Schedule

By Staff | Jun 4, 2009

Road and drainage matters took center stage at the June 2, meeting of the Palo Alto County Board of Supervisors. County Engineer Joel Fantz was on hand to highlight several items pertaining to drainage.

“We discussed the DD 23 clean-out that Rich Rouse was interested in,” began Fantz. “They started working on it on Monday, starting at the south end of that mile and working north.”

Fantz continued, “The only issue was the CRP ground, so we sent a letter to the FSA office to say that we’re basically doing a repair, asking if there was any special seeding requirements.”

“I assume you have a right to do it,” Supervisor Ed Noonan interjected.

“Probably within the right-of-way,” Fantz answered. “One of the things we haven’t discussed as a board is when crops are damaged, do we pay for damages? Should we put together a schedule, so much for bean ground and corn ground? I would recommend that we put a schedule together.”

The Supervisors decided to tentatively set the schedule at $500 for beans and $800 for corn. Deputy Auditor Carmen Moser will research the proposed schedule and bring the results back to the Supervisors for approval at their next meeting.

Fantz also touched upon the “mystery tile” on DD 60. He noted that crews have been investigating it and discovered that the tile is in bad shape.

“It’s worse than anybody thought,” said Fantz. “It’s very shallow and there are points that have opened up. Some of it has deteriorated to the point of collapse.”

The engineer related that there are only two landowners for the tile in question.

“It probably makes sense to bring those landowners in and ask them if they want it to be drainage district tile. If so, there’s repair by replacement. But there’s a number of options out there. My recommendation is that we have Don Etler come in and lay out some options,” said Fantz.

In other business, Fantz noted that Emmetsburg Municipal Utilities approached him about participating in an auction for old county equipment. The auction is planned for the upcoming weekend at the Emmetsburg county shed.

Approval was also given for an $11 per hour wage rate for the employment of a part-time on-the-job work study mechanic.