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Palo Alto County Receives FEMA Disaster Assistance

By Staff | May 28, 2009

DES MOINES – As the one-year anniversary of the devastating floods and tornadoes that struck Iowa last May and June has arrived, disaster assistance approved for residents and governments in Palo Alto County has reached $374,668, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and State of Iowa disaster recovery officials. This total details funding through FEMA’s Individual Assistance and Public Assistance programs, and U.S. Small Business Administration disaster loans.

The State/FEMA Public Assistance program has obligated $374,668 to the state for reimbursements in Palo Alto County for government related, eligible expenses in the area of emergency response measures, debris removal and repair or restoration of disaster damaged public infrastructure. In Palo Alto County, several roads were repaired after washouts, along with work to repair drainage facilities and other disaster recovery efforts.

Certain non-profits providing essential services also may be eligible for reimbursement under this program.

Statewide, FEMA/State of Iowa disaster grants and SBA loans now total more than $1 billion to help Iowa renters, homeowners, businesses and governments recover from the tornadoes and flooding that affected Iowa between May 25 and August 13, 2008.

Note that these category totals do not include additional state funds or other sources of federal dollars (Community Development Block Grant funds, for example) that have been allocated to local communities and individuals for the disaster recovery effort.