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Council Approves Casey’s Zoning Reclassification

By Staff | May 28, 2009

Emmetsburg will have a new Casey’s General Store.

Members of Emmetsburg City Council held a public hearing and then voted on a zoning reclassification change from R-2 to C-1 for Casey’s General Store to build along Highway 4/18. The new structure will face the north, where the current store faces west.

Joni Dyer attended the council meeting to answer any questions on the proposed new building.

“This will be one of the largest Casey’s in the state,” Dyer said. The building will be 3,720 square feet; 40 by 90 feet where the current stores are 40 by 68 feet. She estimated a minimum of four months construction.

The new Casey’s will have a totally new look, including state-of-the-art gas tanks, room for table and chairs inside, and made-to-order sub sandwiches.

When asked what would be located at the back of the building, Dyer said it would be plain brick. She then noted that the dumpsters will be enclosed and be located at the side of the building.

The five council representatives present all voted in favor of the zoning reclassification. However, only four of the five voted to waive the second and third considerations.

Later in the meeting City Attorney Brian Thul said that the motion to waive the second and third considerations of the ordinance change must be approved by 75-percent of the council members. With Council member Sandy Pelzer voting no, that was only 66-percent. The second consideration will be held at the June 8 meeting.

Residents Mike Wentzel and Gen Scott questioned if this would slow down the process. They also asked Council member Pelzer why she voted no.

“I am a supporter of getting public input,” said Pelzer. “I would like to give more opportunity to the public for input,” noting that perhaps not everyone had read about the public hearing.

In addition to the zoning reclassification, Casey’s will also need a special use permit to locate a convenience store at that location.

The wind blows, the dust flies and Emmetsburg City Council hears from its residents.

At a previous meeting, residents who moored their boats on North Lakeshore Drive approached the council asking for some type of dust control. This request was followed by a Letter to the Editor from residents who live adjacent to the new business park. They, too, have been affected by the dust.

Mayor John Schad had been in contact with Emmetsburg Community Development Corporation, owners of the business park, to discuss the dust situation. Communique from Kris Ausborn, ECDC President, noted that they are aware of the dust issue and changes have occurred that will correct the situation. These corrective issues are seeding the exposed areas, and street paving.

“There hasn’t been a dust problem since the area was planted,” said Community Developer Steve Heldt.

“It will improve greatly within the next month,” said Heldt.

Public Works Director Bill Dickey said it would be most cost effective to put crushed concrete on North Lakeshore Drive to stabilize the dust. Road crews maintain that stretch of road on a regular basis.

“It’s not just the boaters who will benefit,” said resident Randy Pelzer. “Bikers, joggers and walkers use that road, too. It’s a spot that everybody uses and enjoys.”