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Baby Names of 2008

By Staff | May 5, 2009

What’s in a name? A whole lot when you’re looking for the perfect moniker for your new baby! It’s a daunting task to discover the ideal name because that one name will accompany that little child throughout its life.

In 2008, 122 infants were born in Palo Alto County. Sixty-three of those babies were little girls, while 59 were little boys. This is an overall increase of 26 births from those recorded in 2007!

For those born in Palo Alto County during 2008, names ranged from the more traditional to the more creative. In what has become a trend, uncommon names and spellings were abundant, as well.

The most popular name for boys was Levi with three boys so named. Other top names–with each name bestowed upon two boys apiece–were Evan, Hayden, Landon, Mason, and Joseph.

Traditional and/or Biblical names were on the list for 2008, too, and included: Gabriel, John, Michael, Samson, Andrew, Aaron, Alex, Phillip, Nicolas, Nathan, Jeffery, Dominic, Logan, Ethan, and Otis.

Other names included: Griffin, Harley, Preston, Carson, Gage, Lawson, Quintin, Jackson, Aidyn, Keagen, Cooper, Colton, Austin, Hudson, Marshall, Cole, Dylan, Codey, and Clayton.

Somewhat unusual names and/or spellings for little boys were: Remmington, Leydan, Sullivan, Caelun, Rylan, Callaway, Creighton, Jaxon, Braxton, Sebasten, Diedrick, and Broderick.

For little girls, there was also a tie amongst three of the most popular names. Two babies apiece were named Emily, Grace, and Paige. Variations of Addison and Addyson went to a baby each, as well.

More traditional names were favorites among parents, too, and included: Cecilia, Charity, Charlotte, Isabella, Emma, Justine, Natalie, Mallory, Danielle, Sheila, Josephine, Samantha, Georgia, and Erika.

Some unique names included Sloan, Ocean, Kennedi, Ellieauna, Zaida, Angeles, Keeley, Amrie. Taryn, Pieper, and Maysen.

The names of Madylin and Maddie and Paislee and Shaelee were chosen, as well as Kailey, Hailey, and Kaitlyn. Some girls were named Hayden and Jordyn, while others were named MaKayla and Mackenzie and Macy and Lacy.

Other names given to baby girls included: Kari, LeeAnn, Lexie, Sydney, Riley, Adileigh, Morgan, Graclyn, Ava, Avery, Saydee, Brooklynn, Alexis, Tori, Dylan, Ella, and Mercy.