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“Cinderella, Kids” Cast Announced

By Staff | Apr 14, 2009

Students from the Palo Alto County area will take the stage at Emmetsburg Main Street Community Theatre this Spring. A total of 72 students from first through eighth grades were awarded roles in the musical “Cinderella, Kids.”

“We had a great turnout of students for this children’s musical theatre production,” said director Jackie VanOosbree. “In fact, we had so many who want to participate that we have different mouse choruses each weekend of the production.”

Rehearsals for the play begin today, Tuesday, April 14. Production dates are May 29, 30 and 31, and June 5, 6 and 7.

There are 22 speaking and singing roles. Phoenix Campbell will play the Grand Duke, Spencer Bird is the Prince and Eli Reichert is the King. Alison Freeman is the Herald and the Town Criers are Cameron Heddinger, Erin Poeppe, Nick Grandstaff and Kiersten Aldous.

Kiersten Duhn will play the part of Cinderella. Her step-sisters are Morgan Merrill and Brittany Poeppe. Natalie Gordon will play the Stepmother.

Narrators are BriAna Campbell, Jordon Lange, Missy Olson and Jenna Wolfe. Hannah Bird is the Fairy Godmother.

Cast in roles of speaking and singing mice are Caroline Fantz, Chloe Garman, Olivia Gordon, Taylor Rouse and Kayla Joyce.

Members of the ensemble are: Helena Fantz, Avery Ringlaben, Jordon Hoyman, Ashley Keller, Gillian Nolan, Sydney Travis, Shea Elbert, Kristan Kassel, Ally Merrill, Tallie Leners, Jasmin Johnson, Sydney Hersom, Savanna Hawks, Jade Hawks, Mary Nelson and Linnea Ankeny.

There are two mouse choruses, each cast for separate weekends.

The first weekend cast of mice includes: Julissa Agueñaga, Elizabeth and Isabell Gehrt, Maddy Schnetzer, Hanna and Mikayla Frerichs, Rachel Duhn, Hannah and Heidi Malm, April Cole, Jade Garman, Nicolett Boblit, Annie Brennan, Chloe Schiek, Weston Fantz and Colton Johnson.

The second weekend cast of mice includes: Rachel Geelan, Somer Hudson, Alli Enriquez, Shaylee Horst, Niyah Morgan, Ariah Sanculi, Hannah Merwald, Alyssa Rouse, Lindsay Carter, Raven Brown, Jessica Taylor, Drew Sidles, Alissa Anderson, Jacklyn Radvansky, Kali Anderson, Brett Hoyman and Ryan Merrill.

“We have students from all schools in Palo Alto County and one student from Spencer in our show this year,” said VanOosbree. “It’s great to have so many young people interested in theatre. We will have a great show.”