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Legislators Address Issues

By Staff | Apr 2, 2009

What will Iowans miss due to budget cuts? “Services,” according to State Representative Marcie Frevert.

Rep. Frevert and State Senator Jack?Kibbie addressed several issues at a town hall meeting last Saturday in Emmetsburg.

According to Kibbie, funding for state parks will take a back seat, but he hopes to backfill K-12 funding and funding for Medicaid. Kibbie noted that the court system has nine furlough days from now until the first of July.

Kibbie added that Iowa will get monoey for Medicaid.

When discussing stimulus monies, Kibbie cautioned that it is a one time payment. “We, as a statae, have to continue (the program/project) if it is used for ongoing purposes.”

Kibbie and Frevert touched on the proposal of an Iowa middle class tax cut.

Highlighted in Kibbie’s newsletter, the plan is meant to benefit every middle class Iowa family.

“A proposal under consideration calls for revamping the state’s antiquated income tax system and funneling the money into middle class tax cuts,” Kibbie wrote in his newsletter.

“Under the proposal, more than two-thirds of Iowans would eithier receive a tax cut or see no incrase in state income taxes. The proposal would also simplify Iowa’s incoem tax system and reward middle class Iowans.”

Kibbie pointed out three reasons why this could be the right year for tax reform:

1. This proposal would make our tax system fairer for middle class Iowans.

2. It helps Iowa communities attract good paying jobs to our state.

3. It keeps more monoey in the hands of middle class families struggling to pay their monthly bills, their children’s college education and day-to-day expenses.

Under the proposall, state income tax rates will fall, according to an analysis by the nonpartisan Legislative Services AGency. The benefits from this tax cut would go to Iowans with an annual incoem of $125,000 or less.

“I’m interested in making Iowa income taxes simpler and fairer, whileputting moremoney in the pockets of middle class families,” said Kibbie.

Other topics discussed were Enterprise Zones; hog confinements and environmental protection, which propose requiring a public hearing; the fair share law, which requires non-union members to pay something; and Iowa’s sunshine law.