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Jamison Shop Equipment Importing Latest Technology For High Performance Industry

By Staff | Mar 31, 2009

The business of building high performance internal combustion engines is an exacting science. If an engine builder wants to get the maximum performance out of an engine, it must be built with the most modern technology and assembled to the strictest tolerances.

Jon Jamison and the staff of Jamison Shop Equipment in Emmetsburg hosted a seminar recently designed to teach and inform engine builders on some of the latest cutting-edge technology in engine performance. Building off their exclusive United States distribution rights for Saenz Flow Benches, Jamison Shop Equipment hosted 63 engine builders from Kansas, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota and Iowa in a day-long seminar at the Wild Rose Casino and Resort on March 21.

Harold Bettes of Power Technology Consultants of Colorado Springs, CO., was the guest presenter for the session, Engine Airflow and Component Flow Bench Operations, a study of spark ignition and diesel engine performance.

According to Bettes, an engine is in all actuality a large, self-driven air pump. The engine’s maximum capacity to produce power is directly related to the flow of air into the engine and how efficiently it can burn the fuel mixed with the air in the engine’s combustion cylinders.

As the only American distributor for Saenz flow benches, the seminar was a natural for Jamison to host.

“A flow bench is a piece of equipment that is used to measure air flow into engine components, such as a cylinder head or carburetor,” explained Jon Jamison. “With the flow bench, a builder can see if a cylinder head needs to have material added or removed to better facilitate the flow of the air into the cylinders, or see what size jets would work best in a carburetor.”

The flow bench itself is a piece of equipment that utilizes electric motors, such as those found on vacuum cleaners, to create airflow through the engine component. At the same time, sensors in the flow bench are able to determine the amount of air movement, measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) at an accepted physical standard of 28 inches of water in vacuum. The flow bench can tie into computer systems to provide detailed data for the engine builder to study and develop designs.

Jamison Shop Equipment is no stranger to high performance engines. In some form or another, Jon Jamison and his staff have been involved in high performance motorsports from drag racing to land-speed records on the Salt Flats at Bonneville. Taking on an equipment line geared toward the high performance industry was a natural step for the Emmetsburg firm. JSE began its association with Domingo Saenz of Argentina back in 2004, when the firm began importing Saenz’ equipment into the United States.

“Domingo had been building flow benches and selling them in the U.S., but some folks didn’t pay him for the equipment and he was leery of dealing with the U.S. after that,” Jon Jamison noted. “But we have been able to establish a relationship with him and his firm, and we are the exclusive U.S. distributor for Saenz equipment, and we are very proud and pleased to be able to offer the five unites in the Saenz line.”

Since becoming the exclusive distributor for Saenz, Jamison Shop Equipment has sold and shipped flow benches to Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and even Greece.

“These flow benches are basically designed to fit a need in the high performance engine building market,” Jamison said. “They really are key to a high-performance engine builder’s work, because airflow dictates horsepower, short and simple. The more airflow into the engine, the more horsepower it will produce, and that’s the name of the game.”