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Reservations Accepted For Garden Plots

By Staff | Mar 24, 2009

Emmetsburg is now actively taking applications for space in the new Community Garden. The garden, located at 17th and State Streets, has sufficient room for 100 plots. Each garden plot is 20 by 30 feet.

Mayor John Schad said that any Emmetsburg resident may sign up for a plot, and those desiring more space may sign up for two adjacent plots while space is available.

The garden space is being provided on ground owned by the City of Emmetsburg at no charge. Schad said that the focus of the garden is to provide a place to grow vegetables for people who may not have sufficient room to grow them on their own property. Water will be provided.

All garden plots will be tilled in advance so participants do not need any special equipment.

Volunteers are preparing the garden site, arranging to have each plot staked out, and making arrangements for water. Plots will be available by the middle of April, but should be reserved as soon as possible.

Plans had originally called for antique tractors to till the land at 17th and State after the St. Patrick’s parade March 14, but the land was not ready for tilling at that time. However, a ceremonies planting of seeds was completed on the reviewing stand during the parade. Now is the right time to start seeds indoors for early spring planting.

Anyone wishing to have a plot may sign up at the Emmetsburg City Hall. Space will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.