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Palo Alto County Supervisors Approve Salary Adjustment

By Staff | Mar 24, 2009

The Palo Alto County Board of Supervisors approved a salary adjustment for the newly promoted Administrative Assistant at the Palo Alto County Attorney’s Office last Tuesday. Supervisors also received a briefing on activities in the Secondary Road Department during the meeting on March 17.

A letter from Palo Alto County Attorney Peter C. Hart was presented to the Board, advising that effective March 1, Dawn Jensen had assumed the position of Administrative Assistant/Secretary in Hart’s office, replacing Sheree Huberty, who resigned her position earlier this year. With the assumption of new duties, Hart requested that Jensen’s salary be adjusted to $32,869 per year. As the salary was covered by the attorney’s budget, the supervisors approved the salary adjustment on a unanimous vote.

Palo Alto County Engineer Joel Fantz reported that embargoes on various roadways had gone into effect with the placement of signage that morning. “The water is coming up through the pavement, so it’s time for the embargoes to go into place,” Fantz noted. “People should be aware of them and I don’t foresee any problems with them.”

The engineer also reported that limestone rock was being applied at various locations around the county to address frost boils, much like last year. One road receiving limestone rock for future detour purposes was a mile and a half stretch of 510 Avenue north of Highway 18, as it will be used as a detour route in the near future.

Fantz also reported that his office has already received 12 applications for summer employees, as the advertising had only begun a few days previously. “It looks like we’ll have a good field of applicants for those summer positions,” Fantz noted, “And the application period for the part-time office position closes in a few days, as well.”

In final information, Fantz reported that a possible start date for the Depew road reconstruction project could be May 1, and that a public meeting to explain the proposed reconstruction project of the Ayrshire road east has been tentatively set for Wednesday, April 1, at 7 p.m. in the Ayrshire Community Center.