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School Board Discusses Facilities

By Staff | Mar 19, 2009

Facilities–those in the district’s near future and those in the recent past–were among the items discussed when the Emmetsburg Community Schools Board of Education convened Monday evening, Mar. 16, in the library at the high school/middle school.

Superintendent John Joynt updated the board members on work on the middle school gymnasium and the auditorium.

“Right now, they’re doing a variety of little things in the middle school gym and will be working on it on Friday, since there’s no school, so they can finish up,” said Joynt. “They’re also working on the roof of the auditorium. They want to get all the inside work done before they start digging out the tilted floor.”

Joynt added that the construction project is currently $89,000 over budget.

“Of course, we can take that out of the furnishings–if there’s money left in furnishings–or we can take it out of PPEL (Physical Plant and Equipment Levy), which was our first thought,” Joynt explained.

In facilities related business, Joynt addressed efforts to sell the old middle school building. The middle school lots to the north of the exisiting structure had been sold to Casey’s at an earlier date.

“Mike Wentzel would like to list the property with Farmers National Company at a $25,000 asking price,” said Joynt. “Johnson Realty would also like to be involved with the sale of the building.”

Joynt added that both realty businesses would like to work with anyone interested in the building as a way to be involved with the community, knowing that many community members hope that the structure will be used for something.

“I recommend that we list with both realtors and realize that this might be an ongoing effort with the downturn in the economy. We might not have anyone too interested until the economy turns around,” said Joynt.

“I assume that both will list at the same price,” said Board President Karla Anderson.

“Yes, at $25,000,” Joynt replied.

“Do we have to get the abstract updated?” asked Dave VanOosbree, board member.

“That’s already been updated at Casey’s expense for the lots they purchased,” Joynt stated.

VanOosbree wondered, “Does $25,000 sound about right?”

“Well, it’ll get people interested,” answered Joynt. “With the highway frontage property gone, I think anything much higher is out of reach.”

“I think it’s difficult to put an exact dollar amount on it. You look at the market, and the market is out there. We don’t want to overprice it,” said Anderson.

With no further discussion, the board approved listing the old middle school building with Farmers National Company and Johnson’s Realty with an asking price of $25,000.