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St. Pat’s Junior Misses Crowned

By Staff | Mar 10, 2009

JUNIOR MISS PAGEANT - A trio of young ladies were crowned on Sunday during the 2009 St. Patrick’s Junior Miss Pageant held at Corrigan Hall. Pictured (from left) are Little Lassie Hannah VanHeuvelen of Emmetsburg, Little Miss Shamrock Riley Shryock of Estherville, and Irish Miss Kendall Deitering of Emmetsburg. -- Lori Hall photo

Emmetsburg’s Corrigan Hall was filled with dazzling smiles Sunday afternoon when a bevy of talented youngsters, dressed in their finest, took to the stage to vie for a trio of royal titles. The 2009 St. Patrick’s Junior Miss Pageant saw three young ladies crowned, Little Miss Shamrock, Little Lassie, and Irish Miss. The pageant, emceed by Mike Scott, was the first of many activities scheduled in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day in Emmetsburg.

In the Little Miss Shamrock competition, Riley Shryock of Estherville, the seven-year old daughter of Teresa Shryock and Jason Shryock, was chosen the winner. Riley’s talent was a jazz dance routine to “Under the Sea.” The Little Lassie contest saw Hannah VanHeuvelen of Emmetsburg, the eight-year old daughter of Dave and Laura VanHeuvelen selected as the crown holder. Hannah’s talent was a vocal solo entitled “Glorious.” Kendall Deitering of Emmetsburg, the 13-year old daughter of Brian and SueAnne Deitering, was crowned Irish Miss. Kendall tap-danced to “Mr. Pinstripe Suit.”

Along with the talent presentations by the 24 contestants, the retiring titleholders took to the stage for their final performances. 2008 Miss Shamrock Anna Brennan, daughter of Rick and Diane Brennan of Emmetsburg, sang “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling.” Natalie Ruiz, 2008 Little Lassie, daughter of Gerard and Kristen Ruiz of Emmetsburg, sang “My Heart Will Go On.” 2008 Irish Miss Paige Naig, daughter of Jeff and Tammy Naig of Emmetsburg, sang “The Best of Friends.” Also, 2008 Miss Shamrock April Gunderson from Ringsted sang “Footprints in the Sand.” April is the daughter of Jay and Roslyn Gunderson.

Over 40 youngsters performed for the pageant audience as members of the 2009 Irish Dancers and Irish Cuties, sponsored by the St. Patrick’s Association.

This year’s edition of the Irish Dancers, grades 5-8, includes Kiersten Aldous, Shaylee Brown, BriAna Campbell, Kiersten Duhn, Kendall Deitering, Shea Ehlert, Ema Enriquez, Caroline Fantz, Olivia Hampe, Tara Harris, Katie Hoffman, Laura Manwarren, Kindra Marges, Tess Van Den Hurk-Moran, Laura Moser, Mikki Mundus, Avery Ringlaben, Olivia Smith, Tiffany Swain, and Kylie Weisbrod. The Irish Dancers are instructed by Lori Riley.

The Celtic Cuties, grades 1-4, are Hannah Adams, Lindsay Carter, Anna Brennan, Molly Schany, Heidi Malm, Alison Laubenthal, Alexis Louwagie, Hannah Merwald, Molly McCain, Jordan Miller, Betty Sue Strohman, Jessica Taylor, Rachel Duhn, Hannah Malm, Alison Merrill, Hannah VanHeuvelen, Mary Nelson, Kayla Joyce, Sydney Travis, Ashley Keller, and Gillian Nolan. The Celtic Cuties are instructed by Diane Brennan, Kari Mueller, Diane Nelson, and Angie Strohman.

Little Miss Shamrock

Little Miss Shamrock Riley Shryock captured the crown from a field of five contestants.

Other participants included Kaydence Albrant of Emmetsburg, five-year old daughter of Justin and Nicole Albrant. Kaydence recited a poem, “My Mamma.”

Seven-year old Jade Garman of Whittemore, daughter of Brian and Linda Garman, sang “Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah.”

Ashley Tripp of Ayrshire, seven-year old daughter of Patrick and Amanda Tripp, sang, “I’m a Little Shamrock.”

Seven-year old Lindsay Carter of Emmetsburg performed a jazz dance routine to the song “Fabulous.” She is the daughter of Joe and Lisa Carter.

Little Lassie

Little Lassie Hannah VanHeuvelen won the title, topping a field of nine contestants.

Other participants included Helena Fantz, nine-year old daughter of Joel and Mina Fantz of Emmetsburg. Helena sang “Interplanet Janet.”

Nine-year old Allison Freeman sang a vocal solo entitled “A La Nanita Nana.” Her parents are Kort and Sheri Freeman of Emmetsburg.

Cheyanne Dallmann of Estherville tap-danced to the song “Shake Your Tailfeathers.” She is the ten-year old daughter of Gary and Marcia Dallmann.

Eleven-year old Lauren Lago of Estherville sang the song “The Rose.” Lauren is the daughter of Doug and Marci Lago.

Shaylee Horst of Ruthven performed a jazz/tap dance routine to the song “Macnamara’s Band.” She is the nine-year old daughter of Shona and Chris Horst.

Nine-year old Kayla Joyce of Emmetsburg sang the solo “Do You Believe in Magic” as her talent. She is the daughter of Pat and Tina Joyce.

Erin Poeppe of Emmetsburg performed a jazz dance to the song “Locomotion.” Erin is the ten-year old daughter of Mike and Mandy Poeppe.

Eleven-year old Kiersten Duhn accompanied herself on guitar to the vocal solo “Suds in the Bucket.” She is the daughter of Marsha Duhn of Emmetsburg.

Irish Miss

Irish Miss Kendall Deitering won the crown by besting a field of ten contestants.

Other participants included 14-year old Shelby Brindley, daughter of Mick and Shell Tonderum of Emmetsburg. She sang the vocal solo “The Best Day.”

Katie Kustra of Carroll sang the song “The Prayer.” She is the 15-year old daughter of Greg and Luanne Kustra.

Thirteen-year old Jenna Wolfe of Emmetsburg sang the vocal solo, “One Hundred Years” as her talent. Jenna is the daughter of Jesse and Janice Wolfe.

Kayla Evans of Estherville is the 13-year old daughter of Doug and Sue Evans. She performed a clog dance to the song “The Shake.”

Twelve-year old Caroline Fantz of Emmetsburg sang a solo, “I’ve Got the Sun in the Morning.” Caroline is the daughter of Joel and Mina Fantz.

Casey Sievert of Estherville, 14-year old daughter of Jeff and Jen Sievert, sang the song “Probably Wouldn’t Be This Way.”

Hannah Bird of Emmetsburg sang the vocal solo “The Spirit of Robert Emmet.” Hannah is the 13-year old daughter of Rick and Julie Bird.

Fifteen-year old Brittany Bortvit of Estherville sang “God Bless the Broken Road.” She is the daughter of Darryl and Sheila Bortvit.

Casey Henricksen of Spencer, age 13, sang the solo “Mamma Mia.” Casey is the daughter of Sharon Henricksen.

This year’s pageant judges were Roberta Hersom, Cecilia Miller, and Beth Thompson. Pageant directors were Diane Brennan, Renee Iverson, and Kari Mueller. Joan Bunda served as pageant auditor.