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POET?To Discuss Cellulosic Ethanol

By Staff | Mar 3, 2009

SIOUX FALLS, SD — Cellulosic ethanol and the opportunities it presents for rural residents will be topics of conversation with POET representatives in an Emmetsburg conference this month.

POET’s plan to commercialize cellulosic ethanol by using corn cobs as feedstock will take place first in Emmetsburg through Project LIBERTY. From there, POET anticipates installing the technology at other POET plants across Iowa and the Midwest. The technology will also be licensed to other ethanol producers.

The process provides many opportunities for the agriculture community. Harvesting cobs will pro vide an additional revenue stream for farmers, without requiring them to change their planting practices. Agriculture equipment manufacturers are developing a wide range of options for farmers to ensure that harvesting cobs will not significantly slow the harvest.

The upcoming POET conference is Wednesday,?March 11, during Ag Energy Day in Emmetsburg.