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Mediacom Extends Free Basic Cable Service

By Staff | Feb 17, 2009

SPENCER – As hundreds of television stations plan to eliminate analog broadcasts after Feb. 17, Mediacom will provide free installation and free basic cable service until June 12 to households that do not have the ability to receive over-the-air broadcast signals. Mediacom’s offer is intended to reduce the confusion that consumers may have regarding the broadcast digital transition.  

Last week, Congress passed a bill delaying the Digital Transition until June 12, but the new legislation allows station owners to proceed with plans to cut off analog broadcasts before June, creating a situation that could potentially disrupt the ability of over-the-air viewers to see numerous local TV channels after Feb. 17.   

Mediacom officials say they want to help eliminate potential for disruption and provide a simple, no-cost solution that will help consumers retain viewing access to a full line-up of local broadcast stations.

“This eliminates uncertainties for people who are on the backlogged waiting lists for government coupons,” said Bill Jensen, Mediacom’s regional vice president. “In addition, it gives a group of consumers a rare opportunity to ‘test drive’ cable television service without any long-term obligation or costs. Mediacom’s free service through June 12 includes installation, and there’s no extra equipment to purchase or lease.”

As a result of the Congressional action that President Obama is expected to sign, the long-planned Digital Transition will change from a single cut-off date into a prolonged transition that will take place between Feb. 17 and June 12. During those four months, Jensen explained, analog television signals will gradually disappear from the marketplace as local stations transition to all-digital broadcasts.

Mediacom’s free service applies to the broadcast basic or “limited” channel line-up which gives households up to 20 channels that include all local broadcast stations, public television stations and several other channels. Those who take advantage of this free basic cable service will have it available at no cost through June 12. To order, call 1-800-332-0245.

Mediacom Communications is the nation’s 8th largest cable television company and is one of the leading cable operators focused on serving smaller cities and towns in the United States. Mediacom Communications offers a wide array of broadband products and services, including traditional video services, digital television, video on demand, digital video recorders, high-definition television, high-speed Internet access and phone service.