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ATVs Allowed For Snow Removal

By Staff | Feb 17, 2009

With snow in the forecast, again, here’s the latest scoop on using all terrain vehicles for snow removal.

Last month, Emmetsburg City Council amended the Emmetsburg City Code to allow operation of ATVs for snow removal. The code now says:?“ATVs may be operated on public streets and alleys solely for the purpose of using the most direct roadway to a job location for the purpose of snow removal within the city.”

ATVs may be operated on public sidewalks or public parking solely for the purpose of snow removal. ATVs must have snow removal mechanisms (such as plows or snow blower) attached at all times of operation. Hours of operation are allowed between sunrise and sunset. Only persons with a valid driver’s license and age 16 or older shall be allowed to operate an ATV within the city limits.

The city statute says ATVs may not be operated any time on U.S. Highway 18 or Iowa Highway 4 within the city limits. The code further restricts ATVs from operating on railroad right-of-way; in any city park, playground or other city-owned property.

At the Feb. 9 meeting of Emmetsburg City Council, Mayor John Schad stated the initial response to community garden spots has been very positive. He said the committee is talking about moving the garden spot to the north of the cemetery.

Each participant will be eligible for two garden plots; each plot will measure 20 by 30 feet. ?There is no charge for the community garden.

To register for the garden, stop at City Hall and visit with City Clerk Kim Kibbie.

Information about the community garden is on the web at emmetsburggarden.com