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Do Not Respond To Scam Calls

By Staff | Jan 20, 2009

Scam calls are making the rounds in Palo Alto County once again. Palo Alto County Sheriff’s Deputy Todd Suhr reminds residents to never give personal information over the telephone or internet when solicited by someone.

Here are examples of scam calls:

The Sheriff’s Office received a report of a scam happening via telephone. The reporting party said they received an unsolicited call and the voice appeared to be a recording. The voice asked if the person wanted to have their number added to the “Do Not Call List.” If they wanted their telephone number added to the Do Not Call List, they needed to say their name, telephone number and Social Security number on the recording.

A second call was reported to the Sheriff’s Office from a person that reported they received an unsolicited call asking about diabetic supplies. To process the order the person needed to tell their Medicare number. This is also a scam to get a person’s Social Security number and personal information.

The Reporter was notified of yet another scam telephone call. The caller said the person’s credit card was soon to expire and if they wanted to lock a new, low rate, dial 9. The caller did not name a major credit card. By dialing 9 at the prompt, the caller would then ask for more, personal information.

Calls such as these often come up as “unknown telephone number” on caller ID. Residents are reminded to use caution and never give personal information over the telephone or internet.