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Potential Appointee Meets With County Supervisors

By Staff | Jan 15, 2009

An Emmetsburg man met with the Palo Alto County Board of Supervisors Monday to answer questions prior to his potential appointment to a position. Before tackling several appointments and resolutions in its first meeting of the New Year, the board visited with Sam Henkelvig of Emmetsburg to learn about his thoughts as a possible appointee to the Palo Alto County Conservation Board.

After introducing himself and telling the board a bit about his life, Henkelvig was asked some questions by the supervisors.

“What would you like to see in the county, as far as a conservation board member?” newly elected Board Chairman Ed Noonan asked Henkelvig.

“That’s kind of hard to come out cold and start saying what I’d like to do on that board,” Henkelvig said in response, “But personally, as a citizen, I’d like to see some kind of campground out on the east side of Five Island Lake. Maybe there’s a way to work with Pheasants Forever, Ducks Unlimited and the like to develop an area out there where there could be some habitat and a camping area for trailers and such, I’d sure like to see that and so would a lot of people. I think it would get a lot of use.”

Henkelvig pointed out that a campground would have a positive financial impact on the area as well.

“I camp at Kearney Park, but that’s a case of get in there early, and good luck if you want to leave early. It gets awfully congested in there on the weekends,” Henkelvig said. “It’s a great location and a good facility, but we need more space and more options locally. That’s why I think a campground on the east side of the lake would be a good addition to the area.”

Henkelvig also stated he would like to see smaller plots of land around the county for habitat and wildlife, rather than half-sections of farmland. “There’s lots of little odd-shaped pieces and parcels of land that trees could be planted on and the like, and not just a huge tract of land. I guess my overall thought about conservation is that I like the idea of doing something for the people, not just the wildlife,” Henkelvig said.

“What are your thoughts on spraying road ditches?” Supervisor Keith Wirtz asked. “Do you think a thistle is a weed or a flower?”

“We have a fancy sprayer that doesn’t seem to be used very much for spraying,” Supervisor Jerry Hofstad added.

“I think a thistle is a weed, myself.” Henkelvig said. “In a ditch, it’s a weed. On a prairie tract, I’d guess it would be some kind of flower, but you have to cut them, you can’t spray them to get rid of them.”

With that, Hofstad moved to appoint Henkelvig to the Conservation Board and the motion passed on a unanimous vote.