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Interim School Board Members Appointed

By Staff | Dec 23, 2008

GRAETTINGER – After a successful public vote for re-organization at the beginning of the month, the Graettinger and Terril Boards of Education have appointed members from their respective boards of education to serve on the newly reorganized Graettinger-Terril Board of Education.

This initial Board of Education for the new Graettinger/Terril School District will be comprised of seven members, in accordance with the Code of Iowa. When the re-organization becomes official on July 1 of 2010, the board will transition to a five-member governing body, which is provided for in the Code.

In accordance with the original reorganization petition filed by patrons of the district, the Graettinger/Terril School Board will be comprised of four members from the present Graettinger School Board and three members from the Terril School Board.

Appointed to the interim board from the Graettinger School Board were Duane Hoffman, Kevin Jensen, Kyle Norris and Roger Schmitt. The three members appointed from the Terril School Board were Chelle Bisenius, Eugene Buhr and Galen Chicoine. In accordance with the Code of Iowa, Kevin Jensen and Galen Chicoine will serve on the interim board only until the transition to five board members occurs in 2010.

The first meeting of the new Graettinger-Terril Board of Education will be at 5:30 p.m. Monday, January 12 in the Graettinger-Terril High School Library in Graettinger. As the meeting will be an organizational session, Dr. Kay Forsythe, Chief Administrator of Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency in Pocahontas, will call the meeting to order and seat the new board. Dr. Forsythe will swear in the board members and following the swearing in, a board president and vice president will be selected, along with the appointment of an “acting” superintendent and board secretary.