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Country Maid, Inc. Adopts New Logo

By Staff | Dec 4, 2008

WEST BEND – In 1991, when Ken Banwart, Country Maid, Inc. co-founder and CEO was deciding what his company would stand for, it was his innate desire to help others that would overwhelmingly decide what kind of company Country Maid would ultimately be.

Country Maid co-founders Ken Banwart and wife Marlene had a strong desire to help others, whether it be employees or individuals in the community, so it only made sense that that is what the company would strive for. After careful thought and consideration, the Banwarts chose their company mission statement “Helping Others Help Themselves” not realizing what a profound effect these words would still have some seventeen years later.

In the year 2003, helping others was a primary reason the decision was made to transition Country Maid into a 100-percent employee-owned company. This has allowed employees to see the direct effects of their hard work at Country Maid. In return, employees benefit from the growth and well being of the company through the Country Maid ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). Although this transition did not happen overnight, the positive effects of this decision are now becoming very apparent to employees.

The year 2003 was a time of transition; however, 2008 has also had Country Maid seeing many changes.

COO Darin Massner said, “Though we have always strived to hold true to our mission, in the past year we have chosen to put further emphasis on bringing it to life. We have looked at different ways to better help our employees, our dealers, fundraising groups, etc. and look forward to the positive effect these changes will have on the many lives that are directly or indirectly a part of this company.”

Country Maid has focused on stakeholder identification, company restructuring, and developing closer relationships with its employees, national network of dealers, suppliers, vendors, and other industry partners realizing the importance that each one plays in the success as a whole.

“It felt as though so much positive change had taken place internally at Country Maid that it was necessary to reflect this externally to the public through the creation of a new corporate image,” said Brand and Communications Manager Mollie Clark. “The most noticeable change is our logo. The simple, abstract lines are there to represent two hands coming together. This signifies the importance we place on all our partnerships we’ve formed for the mutual benefit of everyone involved, and this is what we feel best represents our mission of ‘Helping Others Help Themselves’.”

Country Maid has long manufactured the “famous” Butter Braid braided pastry product line and other products that are distributed by a national network of dealers for the purpose of helping non-profit groups raise funds for various causes. Country Maid has also been active in and actively supporting the West Bend and other area communities since incorporation in 1991. Employing approximately fifty full-time and part-time/seasonal workers, Country Maid continues to grow and live out the mission of “Helping Others Help Themselves.” Visit the Country Maid Web site www.countrymaid.net for additional information.