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City Approves Franchise Agreement With MidAmerican

By Staff | Dec 4, 2008

Emmetsburg City Council has adopted an ordinance granting MidAmerican Energy Company a ten-year non-exclusive franchise. The city has been working with MidAmerican Energy for some time with no franchise agreement in place.

During the public hearing, Councilman Cory Gramowski questioned, “Why such a long time period? Why not five years?”

John Senert, representing MidAmerican Energy, stated that the average franchise is 25 years.

“The longer the franchise, the better it allows for long term planning,” he told the council. He pointed out that at the end of ten years, if extended another ten years, amendments can be made.

“This is a good comprise,” Senert said.

MidAmerican has also just added another man to the crew in Emmetsburg.

Emmetsburg Municipal Utilities board member Nick Steinkamp concurred, “There is some good compromise in this.”

The council unanimously approved the ten-year non-exclusive electrical supply operation and maintenance franchise with MidAmerican Energy Company. On a motion by Councilman Finer, the council voted to waive the second and third considerations, then adopted the ordinance.

In other business, the council approved resolutions approving for applications to Palo Alto County Gaming Development Corporation for grant funds. Resolutions were adopted for VFW Post 2295, Emmetsburg Police Department, Emmetsburg Retail Association, Sign Committee, Palo Alto Community Center, Chamber of Commerce and Welcome Center, and City Parks Dept.