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Awards Presented At Annual Meeting Of Main Street Community Theater

By Staff | Nov 20, 2008

COMMUNITY THEATER ANNUAL AWARDS – Main Street Community Theater (MSCT) presented awards to participants during its annual meeting on Nov. 14. Hannah Bird was presented the Ingénue (Youth) Award for singing and acting; Greg Moser was presented the Gold Plate Award for behind the scenes work; and the Silver Plate Award for acting/directing went to Kirk Haack. Pictured (from left) are MSCT Board President Brent McAllister, Director Jackie VanOosbree, and award winners Hannah Bird, Greg Moser, and Kirk Haack. – Lori Hall photo

Emmetsburg Main Street Community Theater celebrated the completion of its 31st year with the annual Board of Directors meeting on Nov. 14, at Dublin’s Food & Spirits in Emmetsburg. Highlights of the previous theater season were reviewed, and awards were presented.

Director Jackie VanOosbree noted that the drama “Of Mice and Men,” which played in March and April, “was a great show” and that it featured a “wonderful set.”

“We had an outstanding reception for ‘Of Mice and Men’,” said VanOosbree. “It was the first drama that we’ve done in a long time.”

Co-directors for “101 Dalmatians Kids,” which appeared in May and June, were Marcia Beatty, Peggy Stolley, and Jackie VanOosbree.

“We had 52 kids participate in ‘101’,” VanOosbree said. “We made a considerable amount of money on this production. It was very charming, and I’m very pleased. I really enjoy working with the kids.”

According to board treasurer Mary Moser, “Of Mice and Men” saw a net profit of $1,992.20, while “101 Dalmatians” brought in $2,159.06.

Board President Brent McAllister noted that earlier this year, the Theater was awarded $11,400 by Palo Alto County Gaming Development Corporation (PACGDC) towards the acquisition of a new sound system and digital piano. In other contributions to the Theater, Prairie States Management Co. donated $750 for the purchase of six new Fresnel lights.

“I want to thank the people who wrote the PACGDC grant,” said McAllister. “We are planning on submitting a funding request for a cyclorama during the next grant cycle. I think it’s an apt and fitting way for PACGDC to help us again.” A cyclorama is a theatrical device used for background scenery.

“I’m enormously pleased with this year’s efforts. I’m especially pleased with the new faces in the Theater. It was great to move Rich [Hall] from the booth to onstage. Orlando [Gil] amazed us with his wit and charm,” McAllister concluded in his report.

Annual Awards

This year’s Gold Plate Award, for efforts off-stage, was presented to Greg Moser. Moser was praised for his “tireless work behind the scenes” at Main Street Community Theater.

The Silver Plate Award, for acting and directing contributions, went to Kirk Haack who has been involved with Main Street Community Theater since 1992. Haack has appeared in seven productions, including “Annie,” “The Sound of Music,” “Li’l Abner,” “Into the Woods,” “The Robber Bridegroom,” “Escanaba in da Moonlight,” and “Of Mice and Men.”

Hannah Bird was presented the Ingénue (Youth) Award for singing and acting in the productions “The Music Man Jr.,” “Honk! Jr.,” and “101 Dalmatians Kids.”

In other business, Grant Duhn, Brian Garrelts, Rosemary Matthews, and Brent McAllister were re-elected to the board. Board member Lou Ann Huberty opted to step down from the board, and Andy Stolley was elected as her replacement.

Jackie VanOosbree briefly discussed the upcoming theater season. Ideas include the musicals “The Fantasticks,” “Clue the Musical,” and “Don’t Hug Me,” and children’s theater “Cinderella Kids.”

The Theater is currently working on the three-act play “Our Town,” which will open Friday, Nov. 28.