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QuitSmart Before Great American Smokeout

By Staff | Nov 6, 2008

The Great American Smokeout, every third Thursday in November, is an opportunity to say “no thanks” to tobacco for 24 hours…or even longer if you choose. For those thinking of quitting tobacco, a free session of QuitSmart will be offered at Palo Alto County Hospital, in the Willow Ridge Activity Room, on Thursday, Nov. 6.

“The first class of QuitSmart, introduces you to the program, letting participants know the treatments offered to help ease you off nicotine, “ commented Kim Krause, RN, certified QuitSmart Leader. “There is no cost for the first session and no one is expected to give up nicotine that evening. Participants learn about the program and decide if they want to continue.”

QuitSmart was created by the director of Duke University Stop Smoking Clinic, and will be taught by Kim Krause, RN and Kari Lowe, RN, certified QuitSmart leaders. Scientific studies prove QuitSmart works. In one study, 66% of QuitSmart participants remained smoke free after six months.

QuitSmart combines powerful treatments to help you break free from cigarettes. You will learn to:

• Ease off nicotine. Gradually ease off nicotine by switching to cigarette brands that deliver less and less nicotine.

• Use your mind to help. From your first days off cigarettes, you will learn to think of yourself as a calm, comfortable, and happy nonsmoker.

• Use a hypnosis audiotape or CD. Hypnosis will help you relax and enjoy your new life as a nonsmoker. The tape or CD is simple and effective. You remain in control at all times.

• Decide whether to use medication. For some smokers, medications can double the chance of success. We will help you decide whether to use a nicotine-replacement product or one of the non-nicotine medications.

• Break the habit of smoking. You will learn seven simple ways to outsmart your smoking habit.

Pre-registration is registered for the QuitSmart Class. To register, please call Community Health Services at 712-852-5419.