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Iowa Trust To Donate New Football Scoreboard

By Staff | Oct 28, 2008

A new scoreboard is in the future for E’Hawk Football, thanks to the generosity of a local financial institution. The issue was discussed during the Emmetsburg Community Schools Board of Education meeting held Oct. 20, at the high school.

Superintendent John Joynt explained that Iowa Trust & Savings Bank is willing to buy a new scoreboard to replace the existing board at the high school football field.

“We’ve been having trouble with our existing scoreboard for the past three years,” said Joynt. “We’ve had the scoreboard since the mid-1980s, so it’s had a long life.”

Joynt noted that the bank would like to have exclusive advertising rights on the signage. The upkeep and maintenance of the board would be the school district’s responsibility.

The new board would be very similar to the existing scoreboard at the high school baseball field. The scoreboard would stand 25-feet tall, and would include “Duane Twait Field” on it, as well as an advertising panel with “Iowa Trust & Savings Bank.”

In related business, the superintendent informed the board that All-Iowa Score Tables offered to purchase and install a rotating advertisement sign to hang under the current scoreboard located in the high school gymnasium. The company would sell up to 20 ads, which would be featured on the sign, and share the proceeds with the school district.

Joynt noted that he would like to further research All-Iowa Score Tables’ offer and make his recommendation to the board at its November meeting.

In other business, Debora Rouse tendered her resignation as paraeducator as she has accepted a job elsewhere. The board accepted her resignation, and offered appreciation for her service to the district.

The board also looked at the certified enrollment numbers throughout the district for the 2008-2009 school year. The district’s enrollment is at 695 students, which is up 42 from last year’s enrollment of 653. Joynt noted that he had investigated the reason for the enrollment increase, but had not found an obvious trend for the additional students, such as several families moving into the area to work for the same employer, etc.