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Needle-free Flu Vaccine Available

By Staff | Oct 21, 2008

For those who hate needles but want to be vaccinated from the flu, FluMist might be an option for you. The FluMist is a needle-free flu vaccine available for healthy people ages 2 – 49 who are not pregnant or breastfeeding. It is delivered as a gentle nasal mist delivered into the nose. The FluMist will be available at the flu vaccination clinics held at Family Practice Clinic in Emmetsburg and West Bend. It is also available at these two clinics during a regularly scheduled appointment with your healthcare provider. Some insurance companies pay for a yearly flu vaccine, including FluMist.

Unlike the flu shot, the Nasal-Spray Flu Vaccine, FluMist, contains live viruses. However, the virus is a weaken version, and cannot cause the flu. The most common side effects were generally mild and included a runny nose, cough, chills, tiredness, sore throat or headaches.

Children less than 24 months are not eligible for FluMist. The following people may not be able to get FluMist, or may be able to get it only in certain situations: people with asthma or active wheezing, or children less than 5 years of age with recurrent wheezing; people with a history of Guillain-Barré syndrome; people with a weakened immune system; people with long-term medical conditions including heart disease, kidney disease, and metabolic diseases, such as diabetes; and pregnant women. If you or your child falls into one of these groups, be sure to tell your healthcare provider. They will decide if FluMist is right for you or your child.