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Republicans Rally

By Staff | Oct 2, 2008

Palo Alto County area Republicans heard from candidates at their fundraiser and dinner Monday, Sept. 29. County, state and national candidates addressed the group.

Stewart Iverson, Iowa Republican Party chairman, served as emcee for the candidates. As state chairman, Iverson is responsible for raising funds and for getting people involved in Republican politics.

Iverson served in the Iowa House of Representatives and the Iowa Senate before accepting the position as chairman of the Iowa Republican Party.

Ron Graettinger of Graettinger is seeking re-election to the Palo Alto County Board of Supervisors from District 4. Graettinger thanked everyone for their support and expressed a desire to continue serving residents from District 4.

Graettinger told the group that county road B14, which was constructed in the last year, was named Best County Road in the State of Iowa, and also received the Gold Medal Award for best in the nation.

Gary Leonard of Emmetsburg is seeking re-election as Palo Alto County Auditor, a position he has held for 16 years. He reminded candidates to ask those registered as independent, or no-party, for their vote. Leonard said there are 2,586 registered as Democrats, 1,615 registered as Republicans, and 2,298 registered no-party.

Debra Satern of Estherville is seeking election to the Iowa House of Representatives from District 7. She addressed the group on “opportunity.” She has the opportunity to give back to her state by running for public office, and through business she and her husband have the opportunity to provide jobs in their community.

“Great things can grow with opportunity,” she said. “I want to be the voice of opportunity for District 7 and Iowa. This election is about you and roads and schools and hospitals and businesses and farms. Together we can make a difference in government, but it takes us all working together.”

Christopher Reed, candidate for Senate, was not able to attend. Stewart Iverson spoke on behalf of Reed, noting that Reed is a veteran of the U.S. Navy and a small business owner in Marian. “Christopher would do a great job for us.”

Bill Anderson, Senior Policy Advisor for Congressman Steve King, explained that King was in Washington, D.C. King voted against the bailout plan, Anderson said, noting that the congressman was not in favor of using taxpayers hard earned dollars for a bailout.

Marcus Branstad, political director for Tom Latham’s campaign, spoke for the congressman because he, too, was in Washingon, D.C. Latham also voted against the bailout plan Monday. Branstad said that Latham feels the bailout should be funded by Wall Street.

Iverson stressed that absentee ballots are now available from county auditor offices. He encouraged people to vote now if they think they will not be able to vote in November.

The evening began with Brianna Campbell leading the Pledge of Allegiance with County Chairman Lanny Miller. The Cornbelt Chorus Quarter of Bill Crook, Greg Egland, Mike Scott and Ken McFarland, sang the National Anthem. Century Club members were acknowledged.

Republicans sold numerous items at auction, including leadership shirts from the Steve King campaign, a Tom Latham golf umbrella, United States flags donated by Tom Latham and Stewart Iverson, Republican Convention memorabilia from Minneapolis, MN, a lucky $20 bill, a McCain/Palin T-shirt, and McCain/Palin yard signs. Jerry Hofstad was auctioneer, assisted by Ed Noonan and Keith Wirtz.