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Vote Totals Unchanged Following Canvass

By Staff | Sep 16, 2008

There were no changes to the vote totals from last Tuesday’s school board elections, following a canvass of the votes by the Palo Alto County Board of Supervisors Friday morning. The school board elections attracted just less than eight percent of the county’s 7,308 registered voters to the polls on Sept. 9.

In addition to the regular ballot totals, the supervisors canvassed the absentee ballots and write-in votes for each of the contests in the county. In the Emmetsburg Community School District, Kent Egland received seven absentee ballots to help total the 84 votes he received for the one-year seat on the Emmetsburg School Board. A write-in vote for Tracy McCallum was cast for the one-year post on the board. Laure Oppenheimer received five absentee ballots to complete the 87 ballots cast for her for the three-year term on the board, with Garrett Manwarren receiving a write-in vote for the position.

In the West Bend-Mallard Community School District election, Lannie Miller received six absentee ballots to make the 280 votes he received for one of the seats on the board, while Dawn Schmidt received five absentee ballots to total 256 votes to win the other seat on the board. Incumbent candidate Charles Wirtz garnered eight absentee ballots to give him a total of 219 votes in the election. Write-in votes were received for Donald Bruellman and Donald Banwart in the West Bend-Mallard district.

No absentee ballots were voted in the Ruthven-Ayrshire Community School District, as Dan Forey received 34 votes and Matthew Graves earned 31 votes to be elected to the board. Write-in ballots were cast for Jeff Sundall and two ballots cast for Tammy Chapman in the Ruthven-Ayrshire district.

There were also no absentee ballots cast in the Graettinger Community School District, as Duane Hoffman was re-elected with 42 votes to his seat on the board and Roger Schmidt received 40 votes to retain his seat on the board. In Graettinger, Chris McGrauth received two write-in votes, while Ken Ebeling and Danny Hoffman each received one write-in vote.

In the election for Iowa Lakes Community College Director District Six, Patrick Kibbie ran unopposed and was elected with 370 votes. A total of four write-in votes were cast for the ILCC Director District election, with Robert Wuebker, Terry Manwarren, Frank Schmidt and a contestant, “no name”, all receiving a vote.