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School Board Handles New School Year Business

By Staff | Aug 21, 2008

A variety of items, related to the start of the 2008-2009 academic year, were on the agenda recently for the Emmetsburg Community Schools Board of Education. The school board held their monthly meeting on Monday, Aug. 18, in the library at Emmetsburg High School.

The members approved the list of foreign exchange students who will be attending Emmetsburg High School this school year. Among the visiting students are Armando Ampudio from Mexico, who is staying with Kirk and Denise Haack of Emmetsburg; Kaya Gartner from Germany, who is staying with Kent and Ronia Klootwyk of Emmetsburg; and Barbara Arana from Spain, who is staying with David and Linda Morris of Emmetsburg.

“It’s a wonderful program for these kids and our kids,” said Superintendent John Joynt. “It really gives them a knowledge about the rest of the world and a great experience.”

“The foreign exchange program has always been a pretty positive experience, in my book,” surmised Board President Karla Anderson.

In related new school year business, the board members named the official bank depositories for the comming 2008-2009 year.

“Each year, the board must approve which banks are depositories and for how much,” related Joynt. “Last year, we approved Wells Fargo, Laurens State Bank, and Iowa Trust & Savings as official bank depositories for the school district. I recommend that the stated amount be a maximum of $5 million at any one time, in any of these three banks.”

The members also provided their approval for various appointments for the 2008-2009 school year. Appointed as Level I Investigator (abuse) was Jennifer Klingbeil with Greg Sween as an alternate; Level II Investigator was Palo Alto County Attorney Peter Hart; Affirmative Action Coordinator was Superintendent John Joynt; Asbestos Coordinator was Roger Jesperson; Equity Coordinator was John Joynt; Board Secretary and Treasurer is Pat Swanson; and Board Legal Counsel is Rick Franck.

The board also approved contracts for Renata Moore as a route bus driver (this is in addition to her current position as a paraeducator at the school), Arleigh Allen for part-time shuttle bus driver, and Deb Rouse, Angie Strohman, Mary Brennan, and Kala Burgin as paraeducators.

In the absence of Athletic Director Joe Carter, John Joynt presented the Athletic Department’s annual budget.

Joynt shared that the total amount for all high school athletic programs for the 2008-2009 year is $60,365. That amount is broken down with $6,460 going to baseball, $15,800 to football, $8,035 to boys’ basketball, $6,185 to girls’ basketball, $3,105 to boys’ track, $3,255 to girls’ track, $6,195 to wrestling, $810 to boys’ golf, $855 to girls’ golf, $2,905 to volleyball, $5,660 to softball, and $1,100 to cross country. (These amounts do not include the cost of transportation for teams traveling to away games.)

“This year’s budget is virtually the same as last year,” Joynt noted. “Our fees for officials is around $19,000, and that’s an amount that’s hard to avoid. Our goal is to stay within these target numbers each year.”

Joynt shared that the cost of uniforms is a major expense of the Athletic Department. The current schedule calls for new girls’ track and girls’ basketball (either home or away) uniforms for 2008-2009; new wrestling and softball uniforms for 2009-2010; and new boys’ track and volleyball uniforms for 2010-2011.