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Emmetsburg School Board Considers Foundation Fundraiser

By Staff | Jul 24, 2008

The school board weighed in with their feelings concerning a fundraising effort that could net over $100,000 to the benefit of students of the Emmetsburg Community School District. Members of the Board of Education of Emmetsburg Community Schools met Monday evening at the high school.

“The Emmetsburg Educational Foundation feels strongly that they can sell sponsorships of seats in the new auditorium,” said Superintendent John Joynt. “They thought that, for $250 per seat, sponsors could have their name plates affixed to the arm rests of the seats. Donors would have no rights to the seats, just the knowledge that they were contributing to the school.”

Joynt added that the Foundation was basically seeking permission from the school board to go ahead with the fundraiser.

“I know that the Foundation thought the board would consider it since it’s a fundraiser that will benefit all the students,” noted Joynt.

Board member Linda Tienter questioned placing name plates on the auditorium chairs.

“I think it would be better to put the names on a plaque,” Tienter said. “It all goes back to naming a classroom or the library.”

Tienter referred to an earlier discussion by the board that decided against naming the high school library in honor of a former educator and librarian.

“Why would we do it?” Tienter asked.

“To make money,” answered Joynt. “The money would benefit the students.”

Kent Egland, board member, agreed with Tienter.

“The difference here is $100,000 for our students,” said board member Don Hagen. “Although, if we did a plaque, all the names would be visible to everybody. I could see where purchasing a name plate on a chair would be attractive to the public, too. It’s a point of pride.”

Hagen added that perhaps an arrangement between the Foundation and the school board in which the Foundation would assume the upkeep of the name plates for a designated period of time.

“I think there should be some type of maintenance agreement–maybe for a ten-year period,” said Hagen. “I think it’s something for the Foundation to take care of.”

Board President Karla Anderson wondered if the board wanted to recommend that the Foundation use a plaque instead of seat name plates.

“Could we get Tammy Naig [Emmetsburg Educational Foundation member] to come to our next meeting?” asked Dave VanOosbree, board member. “Then we could ask her a few questions and see if they’re flexible.”

Joynt stated that he would contact Naig and see if she would attend the August meeting of the board to discuss the proposed fundraiser for the Emmetsburg Educational Foundation.

In other business, the board approved offering a contract to Travis Birkey as industrial tech instructor at the high school. Birkey, a recent graduate of the University of Northern Iowa, also interviewed for the head softball coaching position. He does have some experience coaching softball. The board approved the hire of Birkey.

The board also approved Bruce Nelson as a volunteer football coach.

Joynt shared that they are still working on finding coaches for football, junior high track, and wrestling.

“Varsity wrestling is still open for the season, but I have ideas for an interim head coach,” said Joynt. “It’s an option right now, but that could change.”

Joynt asked the members of the board if they had heard of any interest from community members of obtaining coaching authorizations in order to serve as coaches for the school district. Thus far, no interest has been expressed.

“Courses are available throughout the state, and are available right here in town at Iowa Lakes Community College at night. We need to promote the concept, and move ahead with the idea,” said Joynt. “I know it’s been successful in the past with volunteers.”